what’s with the name?

Circular Lodgic

Naming something you love can be pretty tricky. Sometimes you have it picked out for years and sometimes you wait around for something good to come along opting for Kitty for the first month you own your cat. When it came to choosing Circular Lodgic, it just happened. We had been kicking around names all summer, dreaming of land that we’d only spent a little bit of time inspecting to determine if it was THE land for our next big adventure. We moved here, closed on the land, and still had only a few mediocre ideas.

Bryan was fond of calling it Home, Too which is an ironic shout-out to a restaurant in the U.P. Take a drive here and you’ll realize that Yoopers are particularly fond of misspelling words intentionally, especially for business names. As an English teacher, I.hate.it. For years I have grimaced at signs all along Highway 2 between Duluth and the Porkies. But, in the spirit of our new home and perhaps to fit right in, we have dubbed our 9 acres, yurt and a-frame cabin Circular Lodgic.

One, we are living partially in our yurt, so I liked the idea of playing with the roundness in the name. As any of my previous blog readers can attest to, I’m not exactly that great at coming up with blog names, let alone names for beloved land, but this one just popped into my head.

Two, when the phrase circular logic came to mind, I knew immediately that an intentional misspelling to play on lodge just had to be. I said it out loud to Bryan on a drive to town and we both knew right away that this was our name.


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