Bread Loaf meets Hyde State Park

We’ve been meaning to have a BL picnic up at Hyde for the last 3 summers and we finally made it happen. Dan and Jenn rolled in Thursday night and since I’m a moron, we were expecting them Friday night. Luckily, we got to have them there for the hike and picnic with BL! It was a great surprise!

We met at 10 at Group Site 2 and headed off to hike the Circle Trail. We were huffing and puffing within minutes and hauled our butts up the mountain side stopping for rest breaks  photo ops along the way. DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0011

The poodle brigade (at this point, Klue, Nitsa, and London) led the way and London, what with her sheep dog herding skills, kept us all together. DSC_0006

We stopped at the top, admiring the view of the Jemez and the Rio Grande Rift below. We also got to take Dan and Jenn’s engagement photo too.


“Sometimes you’re such an idiot, Dan!”



DSC_0017 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0016 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0018

"See, I told you we're at the top!" (9,440 feet) Photo Credit: Alfredo Lujan

“See, I told you we’re at the top!”
(9,440 feet)
Photo Credit: Alfredo Lujan

Everyone appeared to enjoy the hike, teasing me because I kept telling them it was all down hill from here. It was. Pretty much. Until we had to go back up to get to the picnic. Good thing there was enough food for a small army.


Rangers Unite

By the time we made it back to the picnic spot, everyone was tired and ready for burgers and beers. Kelly and Chris stopped by and met everyone, and of course, Kelly and Alfredo had all sorts of people in common from growing up. Small world. Bryan grilled up the burgers and kielbasas the size of my head, while the rest of us relaxed. He was leaning on all those years of army cooking, so obviously there was too much food. It’s a good problem to have! DSC_0023

We ate, relaxed, and watched dog tv, especially once rambunctious Parra rolled in a while later.

Jon and Sara brought Who’s Donuts (they make blue corn donuts with incredible mixes like raspberry chipotle and lavender) to add to the tremendous amount of food already there. It was ridiculous. Added to the feast was my totally botched caramel “layer” rice krispie bars. They were a disaster.   After the second phase of folks feasted, we headed up to check out the waterfall trail, beers in hand.

DSC_0044 DSC_0045

Here are some shots of Dog Whisperer Katelynn wrangling the poodle brigade, now complete with two standard poodles, one sheepadoodle, and one aussiedoodle. Life is good when there are “oodles of poodles” (Samoiel).

DSC_0029DSC_0029DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0037 DSC_0041 DSC_0043

“With this sense of the splendour of our experience and of its awful brevity, gathering all we are into one desperate effort to see and touch, we shall hardly have time to make theories about he things we see and touch.” – Pater

I’ve missed you, blog readers. It’s good to be back.

It was 100 degrees yesterday and even with the AC cranked, the car filled with the smell of Santa Fe, or sage, as most call it. I’ve been writing my brains out for my creative nonfiction class, so stepping up the computer to write anything else hasn’t been a priority. I’m going to be better.

Things that have happened since we arrived:

1. Kelly lent us a generator, so we can charge the battery. The charge from driving down here, however, lasted us more than a week. That’s amazing! Here’s what the digs look like now that we’re unpacked:

DSC_0010 DSC_0008 DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0005 DSC_0004

2. I biked in to campus today for the first time this year and it was like meeting up with an old friend. Cool descent out of the canyon, no cars to be seen, and the old Synapse powering up the steep uphills = yes. Also, I’m exhausted. Time to adjust to it again.

3. I’ve been reunited with Katelynn, my Bread Loaf homegirl. It just wasn’t the same last year without her (don’t get me wrong, I’m still wishing Kate, Josh, Keith could be persuaded to be here), so it’s all “reunited and it feels so good” up in here.DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0016

Things we’ve done:

a. had puppy playdates with only one actual puppy, Parra, and my now middle-aged lady dogs. Parra is adorable, squirrely, fast, and wears the poodles out. Exhibit A:DSC_0013 DSC_0011

b. hiked with the pups until they were exhausted (we did the full Circle Trail yesterday and I was exhausted afterwards. Let the training begin. It was a poodle brigade and we made all kinds of hikers smile. Katelynn almost vomited when Klue taught Parra her least endearing specialty. You don’t want to know.

c. went to Maria’s with a ridiculously large group of people, so the waiter kept saying we had underpaid. I ate blue corn enchiladas like they were going out of style.

d. we sat on camp chairs at the yurt camper and read for classes

e. we made fun of our crew who went to Vermont by captioning pictures about how much it must be raining there

f. had afternoon beers at the camp and made dinner on the outside cookstove

g. talked about our dogs way more than is socially acceptable, even in class

4. We had Kelly over for dinner and laughed a lot. Bryan works with a bunch of amazing guys this summer and here are their names for future reference: Kelly, Erik, John, and Chris. After a week of being here, I finally got a big hug from Erik yesterday, so now we’re all back in kahoots. We still don’t have our radio this year and the guys haven’t been using them, but we’re going to remedy that soon, especially because I got a new nickname. Bryan’s nickname from last year is Freebird (Kelly always turns on his cop speaker thingy to yell Freebird when he drives by), so now my name it Ladybird. It’s my handle now. It’s good to be reunited with our Hyde family again. Warm fuzzies.

5. We slept soundly in our private campground while a crazed woman ran across the street at 3am and banged a branch against people’s RVs while screaming. When Kelly kicked them out of the park the next day, they swore it wasn’t them, despite their neighbors pointing the finger directly at them. I’m just glad we’re not in the regular campground anymore. Whew. People be crazy.

6. Bryan has been working his ass off as a ranger. Yesterday, when it was 100 degrees in Santa Fe, so 90 at Hyde, he weed-whipped in the sun all day. Other activities have included a search and rescue for a woman and her two-year-old. Bryan had recommended a trail to her and then a few hours later, he got a call from her husband saying she had called disoriented from the woods and was trying to find her way out. She ended up finding her way out just fine, but Bryan and John headed out in the pouring rain to see if they could find her, knowing that if her phone worked, she had to have hiked up the Winsor Trail toward the Ski Basin. Then the next day we went to the opening reception at Bread Loaf and she is a student! Bryan apologized to her for the poor suggestion, and it ends up her sister lives in a yurt too! I guess it was meant to be that we all met! She and her husband are going to come up to Hyde for a visit sometime this summer! He’s also helped to rebuild some retaining walls in the campground, and other fun but not that interesting things.

7. Today I work, so I wasn’t able to go on the annual Rio Chama rafting trip, but Sam, Taos resident and all-around badass, ski-bum chick-cum-Bread Loafer, is going to hook us up with something even better in a few weeks. She’s friends with guides in Taos (did I mention her boyfriend lives in a pop-up camper all summer?), so we’re going to get a raft and do a small group trip down the Taos Box. Oh hell yes.

8. We’re patiently waiting for a new friend to arrive, so we can shred the trails together, full suspension style.

9. I’ve been least prepared and most relaxed this summer. Maybe it comes with the 4th year territory.

10. Being back in Jeff’s class again was also like coming home. Liz, who was in his Victorian Lit. class with me our first summer, and I just smiled at one another across the room when he opened up with how he “doesn’t give a fuck” about when we turn in papers, since we’re all adults here. Naturally, when we saw one another for the first time this summer, the first topic of conversation was the “yuut” because he can never remember the word “yurt” and then Dawson’s Creek, because, obviously that’s what you talk to your Princeton professor about.

11. I was absolutely petrified to take my creative nonfiction class, but I am totally thrilled I was brave enough to do so because I LOVE IT. My professor, the writer Ana Castillo, is exactly the right combination of empathetic, warm, strong, and firm. Everyone adores the class and it seems like a safe group for us to share such personal parts of our lives.

12. The dogs miss the yurts. They don’t love the small walkways and high jump they have in order to lay on their king sized bed. Life’s rough for them. They have no neighbors, are far away from the road, and can roam about without leashes and their mama calling them constantly out of fear, and yet, Nitsa has just wrapped up her hunger strike. They both continue to avoid reentering the pop-up whenever we need them to go inside, but it does seem like they’re beginning to adjust. We did have to buy Nitsa a ramp so she could jump up to the bed without hurting her hips. We’re all getting old here, people.

13. I got my first check from the gallery where my photos are up! It’s completely nuts!  

14. We have successfully washed clothes at camp, not with the usual (a bucket and plunger), but with our Wonderwash. We still really need a wringer. Do you have one in your attic?

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

the little reveal: cubic casa is taking shape

Recently UpdatedHere is the latest on Cubic Casa. Today I finally got it to the point where I can show it off a bit. The curtains aren’t finished because I suck at sewing. Good thing Colleen is a teacher, because I wouldn’t say I was a quick learner and she is infinitely patient, even when it’s 6 o’clock on a Thursday and we’ve hardly made a dent. Bless her heart. I actually left on Friday wishing I had my own machine. It’s pretty fun!

So, this weekend we went to work on trying to scrub the mildew stains off the bunk window coverings. I had done my research on pop up explorer and other forums for pop up campers (seriously, there is this whole world out there of fanatics). I purchased this Bass Pro Shop cleaner stuff after seeing before and after photos that would blow your mind. I can’t believe anyone would buy a camper in that condition, but now I understand because it went from black and grey mold to white. Craziness. Anyway, we went to town, following this woman’s directions, and damn if it didn’t work. It looks so much better. Here is a photo that probably will not allow you to see the stains, but I’m going to try anyway. The part with the rectangle around it is where the stains were. See how it’s kind of darker there? It’s not a shadow, it’s greyed out from when the previous owner put it away wet. The stains were on all of the windows to some extent, but that one was more obvious than the others.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.18.30 PMWe scrubbed it down with Woolite, soaking all the canvas, donned our face masks, and sprayed that stuff all over. The we scrubbed both sides and voila! Only one window even required a second go ’round of it. I am pretty sure I lost some brain cells from the toxic smell, but the windows look way better. Victory!

Next I threw on the final bit of paint (unless I paint the fridge, which could happen) and headed off to find some sheets to cover the ugly mattress covers with. I had snagged some throw pillows last weekend in Mankato and once those were in, it really felt like I’d made something beautiful after all! I cannot wait to get the curtains in there and then we’re planning to take her for her maiden voyage next weekend, just for one night though since we have so much to do before we take off for Santa Fe!

MQT camper

Before and After (in progress rather)


Those grey spots were all over the inside before, but not now!


Much improved!

DSC_0029 DSC_0026


The new charger!

The rest of the weekend was consumed with cleaning up the ranch, meeting Rachel and Ben’s chickens, who I’ll be chickensitting next weekend, and having delicious kabobs at their place. Bryan cut the rest of the wood left over from the previous owners (we got a wood shed out of it already) into the right sizes for me to get a sauna! It won’t be happening before we leave, of course, but that’s pretty exciting nonetheless. Bryan also crossed off about 11 things from the spring list, which is pretty amazing. He added a piece of metal behind the fridge because the wood wall was getting a tad warm there, plus we added new hooks behind the stove for our utensils. He put in a new charger and an extra battery as well, so we’re getting more power and having to listen to the generator less. Next up, put my new faucet in the camper, among other things. DSC_0033   DSC_0030

Last weekend we headed down to Mankato to celebrate Mom Freyberg’s birthday and mother’s day. We also got to hike with the family at the farm, see Grandpa Simmet’s old stomping grounds in New Ulm, AND pick up our new ride for the summer, which Mom has graciously allowed us to use to pull the camper to Santa Fe! This thing has heated seats and crazy windshield wipers and headlights that know when to turn on! DSC_0031

We have some other big news around here! Because of the incredible generosity of Mom and Dad Freyberg and Grandpa Simmet, Circular Lodgic will be making a BIG change pretty soon. You’ll just have to wait and see about that! What could it be???

UPDATES 5/24/15:

DSC_0020 DSC_0017 DSC_0016 DSC_0015