Geology Hike

Last week Sara’s hubby Jon gave a geology hike tour of Monte del Sol so a bunch of English nerds (plus Bryan) could learn about the areas geology. We learned about igneous, metamorphic, and some other rock types. I waited to long to write this to be specific, but we learned about how to identify each (Are they bands? Is there quartz?, etc.). I learned about the Rio Grande Rift, which created the Rio Grande valley that you see between the Sandias and Jemez Mountains and the Sangre de Cristos (we were standing on the foothills of them, looking at the others).  If you could locate the kind of rock he was talking about, you even won a really cool, very professional looking magnifying glass. I was the final winner, so I got to take one of those bad boys home. It’s sweet.

Here are some shots of that hike:


Obviously Katelynn won the first one because she is a b.a.


Post-hike parking lot beers: a dream come true.

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