exploring our land

Although hunting season has put a damper on it, I have spent more and more time exploring our land lately. Since the fall has killed off a lot of the brush, I can hike around more, so the pups and I have been walking the trail system on the land. It’s pretty damn exciting to walk  our own land! I started out exploring to find our property lines. See, our land is a triangle, with the highway along one side and a long diagonal that creates the triangle. Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.45.02 AMThat is the section that cuts part of the driveway off, creating the big easement fiasco that some of your are privy to. Anyway, I had never followed the top line far enough to find the corner of our property. When I did so, a good portion of that bumps against clear cut forest that the neighbors logged. I found the corner and then tried to follow that down, to the road, finding a tree stand and some nice hemlocks. I figured out that that particular logging road is just off our property, so I’ll stay out of there next time. There are beautiful ravines and really varied terrain, so they’ll definitely be good ski trails once we have significant snow. I think if we wanted to, we could really cut a great system of trails on the land, kind of like Phil’s farm in Esko.

We found a big open field down the old rail line that makes up the straight part of our driveway. If you take that far enough, you’ll end up at our only real neighbor’s place. I had no idea! Here are some pictures of when I took Bryan around to show him what I had found.


A little peak at the yurt from afar.





We also put away a lot of wood this weekend, working together. Bryan would split it and I’d peel the wet bark off so it dries faster. My fingers are all pink and raw from this job, but I’m glad I was able to help!


Nitsa played incessantly all day long, taking only a quick break to law in the leaves.


We also added a roof to the generator area. Eventually we’ll add a box around it to protect it from the weather and create some soundproofing.