Welcome to Circular Lodgic, a blog about trying to live simply in a complicated world. These days we’re more than a year into our off-grid adventure. We’ve learned an awful lot, many things the hard way, and we hope we can be a resource–for ideas, storytelling, beautiful photos, inspiration, or maybe just some laughs.

We hope you’ll follow our journey as we create a homestead out of a tiny a-frame cabin and our 18-foot yurt on 9 acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It has been a long-time dream to build a life for ourselves in the woods and we’re both thrilled to be after it at long last! When Bryan decided to pursue his phd, we got the courage to go live our dream. Deciding to leave our home and jobs to do this has been terrifying and exciting at the same time and that’s what life is all about! We hope you’ll enjoy our stories about life off the grid and in the woods!

–Meryl and Bryan

p.s. If you’re looking for photos, head over to the Circular Lodgic Photography page.

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