goodbye, Circular Lodgic, with great gratitude

It’s been a hard week. With very heavy hearts and a fair amount of tears, we said goodbye to Circular Lodgic on Monday night.

To top it off, doing our last goodbyes also involved pulling our homemade camper apart as well. It was like we were having to let go of two of our biggest adventures at the same time.

We took some time to say our goodbyes to a place that gave us the gift of growth that we’d never take back. When we moved to Circular Lodgic I had worked exactly one place as a professional. Neither one of us knew much in the way of plumbing, electrical, and off-grid living. Bryan could build, but not like he can now. We had been on many adventures together, but not any that would challenge us like living in the yurts for two and half years would. Never had we been that poor together, nor had our lives ever been so uncertain, or so simple and complicated at once. Never had we needed one another more, not to mention good neighbors and friends and generous family.

I gained such confidence in my renovating and building skills that I can claim most of the interior of the a-frame as purely done by my efforts. We battled over 300″ of snow in one winter, frozen pipes, clogged filters, more frozen pipes, mouse visits, and a whole lot more. We’ve never been angrier (at our luck and at each other, if I’m being honest) than we were sometimes at the yurts. We’ve also never been prouder of each other’s efforts nor have we even felt more accomplished and at peace either. And damn if we didn’t live cheaply there. As I said before, we set some habits of conservation that even months into “normal” living (we still live in a garage, people), we keep to. I know I still appreciate every single morning that I wake up and it’s above 40 when I turn down the sheets. I see myself and my husband differently than before, and for that I’m grateful.

When we finally signed a deal to sell the yurts, we both felt really bittersweet. We reassured ourselves, but deep in our guts was the question: This isn’t the last cool thing we’ll ever do, is it?

But we all know the answer to that, so I’m trying to let the

se rich sunsets over the lake, a nice ski along the beach, and the warm house remind me that we’ve done the right thing–that the yurts were never supposed to be forever, and that they definitely have changed us for the better.


2 thoughts on “goodbye, Circular Lodgic, with great gratitude

  1. This post is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. It is sad saying goodbye to our triumphs and or struggles. But what lies ahead will make the bitter…sweet!

    So happy this has been a great growth experience–can’t wait to see what the next one will be!

    Proud of you both!

    Love mom


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