FALL!: Porkies Trips, Jess, Lake Lust, etc. 

Fall has arrived in the Copper Country and last week was peak. It has been absolutely breathtaking this year! 

We got to go see Jess and some friends in the Porkies, which was awesome! It was so good to spend even a few hours by her side! We hiked, took the chairlift up the ski slope, and escaped attacking beetles by hiking back down! We also had  lunch over a fire and checked out Lakeof the Clouds!DSC_00121DSC_0010DSC_00081DSC_00071DSC_00051DSC_0002DSC_00041

We have had a lot of lovely trips and sidetrips, including a drive down Covered Road out by our new place and it just about made me sick it was so lovely! 


Later that week I got to take my Outdoors class to the Porkies for a class trip! Twice in one week = amazing! We had a great time, but watching them come over the ridge above Lake of the Clouds was worth anything that’s happened this quarter! They gasped and oohed and awed over the beauty. Pretty cool! Here are my shots from that day: 


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