a sneak peak… 

So, we’re moving. Very soon. Since the abode will now have hard walls instead of soft, and we’re back to box living, rather than circular, this will require some changes around here. If you read this business, don’t worry: you’ll still get your blog fix. Also, don’t worry: we didn’t buy a straight up house, because obviously we would make life way more complicated than necessary (and exciting).

One of the coolest parts of the new place is, duh, Lake Superior, (and we share lake access via a trail on the edge of our lot) but then there are these amazing interdunal pools that are about 15-20 feet from the big lake. They are huge, like baby inland lakes and some of them are connected! They are really deep, totally natural, and will always be warmer than the lake! My mom and I are ECSTATIC because this means SUP-ing even when the waves are big, AND she can swim laps in them! She and John are going to come for Christmas, and thy are bringing their SUP board, sea kayak, and river kayaks so they don’t have to move as much when the move. Hell yes. No one is more excited than me, except Nitsa. She is a beach pup and cannot contain her joy when we walk out there!

Anyway, here is a sneak peak:


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