happy trails and mousey returns


When I took down the shower tent, I found this guy. It really is the biggest spider I have ever seen. He was with you in there, Katie! That’s a fly in his mouth.

DSC_0025 DSC_0024 DSC_0023 DSC_0022 DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0016 DSC_0004

Leaving Santa Fe this summer was even harder than it usually is. The Saturday before we left, Kelly organized a party at our place so all the guys came all the way back after work, and Eric brought his fiance, and Mary and the kids came. We grilled, had some beers and a great time.

That day, Kelly offered to store Cubic Casa at his ranch so we didn’t have to haul it back to Minnesota and find somewhere to store it in Michigan. I spent the next day organizing Uhaul trailers for our stuff and getting the camper winterized, clean, and packed up.

When we left Monday, it was sad goodbyes all around, but we’re glad we’ve got one more summer (at least) to spend with Kelly and the park, whether he’s still at the park or not!

The drive back was mostly uneventful, until in South Dakota our Uhaul tire shredded at 80 miles per hour, breaking glass and throwing things all over the back.

Other than that, we got to see Dan and Jenn in Denver, spend a few days with Mom and Dad Freyberg in Mankato, get out to the family farm, and then watch our dinner party besties get married in Duluth! More on that major event later!

After the wedding, we returned to mice in the a-frame after a botched mouseproofing by our housesitter. That really is the worst way to return home. We set into cleaning mode for the next couple days. 

 In the meantime, Bryan inadvertantly discovered a wasp’s nest the size of a volleyball in the garage tent! Unfortunately, he discovered it while trying to get something out of there, made them very angry, and got stung at least 8 times, probably more since they’re the baldfaced ones that keep stinging you over and over again. He got hives, felt super sick, felt pressure in his ears, and we thought we were going in to the ER. After some phone calls to pharmacies, we gave him 4 Benadryl, he added a beer, and he started getting better. Yikes. It took us about a week and assistance from Rachel and Ben to get brave enough to spray the nest and get them out of there! That whole week we kept needing things from there, but we’d just say, “Nope, it’s in the garage. Out of luck!”DSC_0017 DSC_0014 DSC_0013 DSC_0011

Ben and Rachel watched Miss Xena the Hyena this summer and spoiled her rotten. When we showed up, she hid. Therefore, my heart broke in twade. No biggie. I knew from the moment I saw their house that she was not going to want to come home to the yurts. No way. She had bird feeders, huge windows, and chickens to watch. She had a basement, tons of places to hide and stay cool, and most of all, there were no dogs to pester her (just visiting dogs at least). Plus, Rachel and Ben obviously doted on her. When we finally, hours later, got her to come out, she still wouldn’t relaly get near us. I almost cried. Eventually we got her in her crate and took her home. She hid, but that night she came out and walked all over us while we slept, so I guess she was coming around. Though heartbroken, we’re obviously tremendously grateful that she was so happy and loved this summer. That’s worth her being sad to see us.

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