Hiking Lake and Deception Peaks + Looking Forward

The next morning, Bo, Louise, and Bentley returned and after some waffling, we decided to muster it up and hike Lake Peak with them. We’d failed the first time and turned back at sight of storm, but this time we were after it. We got a late start, but made good time. I’m a moron and didn’t pack my camera, but rest assured, the views from Deception, then Lake Peak, were breathtaking. Louise took a picture of us up there, so I’ll try and get it from her soon. You could see both Santa Fe and Pecos Baldies, Nambe Lake, the rest of the Pecos range, Tesuque Peak, Santa Fe, the Jemez, the Sandias, even Wheeler up in Taos. Basically we saw the whole world up there. Off we went down the mountainside via the ski slopes. On the way down, we hit a crew of resting cattle and the dogs successfully resisted the temptation of rustling up all those cows. It would have been a brilliant sight, but unfair to the moo-ers on such a hot day. We carried on down the slopes and said goodbyes to Bo and Louise, who claim they’re headed to do Bo’s Vermont summer next year. I’m still hoping he’ll change his mind and they’ll come back for my last BL summer in paradise. We’ll see.

Looking forward:
Graduation was a sob fest and I cried when I said goodbye to Lise and Alfredo, but we’ll all be back next year for an even bigger sob fest, I’m sure. After all, here are the people graduating:

Katelynn if she can transfer credits
Mary Clay
Kate and Josh (dear God, please)

Plus, Kara and Amber are going to come back that week to celebrate! I don’t see how it can get any better than that. Except if Keith comes back for the summer!

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