Mountain Biking the Winsor: Hell yes and Eeeeeek! 

Bo came up a couple Fridays ago to bike the Winsor Trail. Bry had done it our first year and last year we never found anyone to shuttle with (someone parks at the top of the trail–the Ski Basin–and someone parks at the bottom, down near Santa Fe). Now we both have mountain bikes so we’ve been excited to have fellow (way more experienced and BA) mountain biker Bo here at BL this year. Anyway, I thought for about the top 2-3 of 9 miles that I had made a serious miscalculation and was going to crash, wreck my back again, and start a nice oxycodone, four hours of sleep cycle again. After those miles, it got fun, but only after Bryan’s pedal caught a tall rock and, with shoes still clipped into pedals, did a slowmo superman for me. I thought for sure he was broken in all sorts of places, but really he just got some seriously bloody, nasty scrapes on his hand and leg. He just poured water from his camelbak onto them and let the blood seep into his socks and shoes and got back on his bike. The stretch above the Chamisa trailhead was my favorite, though the trail barely clings to the mountainside, so any error would send you sliding down and down. I just go very slow and steady.



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