a long time gone

I’mmmmmm back! It’s been far too long (there seems to be a theme here this summer). Now I’m done with school, so I never have internet or cell coverage. Here’s what’s gone down since I last wrote: I finished classes, played drunken and extremely rowdy ping pong with Katelynn and Alex Perkins, got amazing gifts from wonderful people, biked the Winsor trail, walked the road of grief with Katelynn, participated in a read-out where I shared my work as well as Katelynn’s, had a killer bonfire for some amazing BL folks, watched some seriously special folks graduate, and said teary-eyed goodbyes to what feels now like my BL family, hiked Deception and Lake Peaks, Bryan saved the park’s water supply, and we played Bananagrams on a rainy evening. Next I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Katie and Danny AND Samantha Paige Huset Dwinnel Hood in the same long weekend. Prepare yourselves, Santa Fe.

I have pictures from some of these events and I’ll try to keep it short, which you well know is not my specialty.

To start, we are spoiled rotten. We got a package from Katie a few weeks ago that contained an adorable shirt and some frightening socks with kittens on them and some post-its that are either of a man dying of thirst in the desert, or a man mountain climbing. Then I got a package from Rachel that contiained an adorable poster my students made for me on the last day of school, when she was subbing for me, with a gift card from one kid, a homemade jolly rancher sucker from another, and cute messages from many more. Then, as if to make certain that we have the best friends ever, we got a package from Kelly and Jason that contained: RUM CHATA! cookies, photo messages from the cats that I have now hung above the poodle bed for them, a MN shaped piece of art which I cannot explain and Kelly MADE HERSELF, Better Call Saul on DVD! We’ve already finished it!   DSC_0001DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0007DSC_0008    

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