So deceptive: A hike “to” Deception Peak

After the BL Meets Hyde Picnic, we (my brosef, Jenn, Bryan and I) hit up The Shed with some BL-ers. The next morning, Sam and Bo came up the mountain to hike Deception Peak. We got a late start, meaning we probably were not going to get to hike beyond it to Lake or Penitente Peaks, but the real trickery was that a storm started rolling in when we got nearly there. I wanted to keep going and hike to what we thought was Lake at the time, but in reality, we hadn’t even summitted Deception. It’s a tricky spot and from the map, it looked like we must have been on Deception Peak, but alas, we turned back 1/3 of a mile from that. Aptly named, yo.

From the top-ish there were plenty of beautiful views of Baldy, the valley below, and it stayed cool and comfortable all the way up.  The last time I hiked Raven’s Ridge was last summer on the search and rescue we volunteered with (RIP, Audrey). It was obviously more peaceful this time, though I definitely had her on my mind as we hiked the trail up. She’s been on my mind a lot when I drive up the mountain and see the meadow near where she was found, which I hoped and hoped she got to marvel in before she passed.

Anyway, all the people and pups had a grand time. We decided to forgo hiking Raven’s Ridge down and just shimmy our way down the mountainside to meet up with the ski slopes to take down. The rain held off and it was lovely to get to see the mountains from that angle.

We discussed various delightfully nuanced songs like Garth Brooks’ “That Summer” (haven’t heard it in a while? prepare yourself and listen closely) and a song who’s title I later found out is Wet Dreamz (subtle, right?). Seriously, I can’t believe they play it on the radio. Thank you, Santa Fe radio! Side note: it’s clear I am getting old. Can you tell? Anyway, I’m hoping someone will do a mashup of these two songs and “Strawberry Wine.” It would really blow the mind.

DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0055 DSC_0057 DSC_0058


No biggie, there’s just a herd of cattle on the road.

In other news, all is well at Cubic Casa. Bryan’s working his ass off rangering and I’m having a successful and happy semester at Bread Loaf. I still LOVE my classes.  We have had massive rain, hail, and flash floods this week, so we’ve had a wet mattress several mornings, which makes me miss the yurt, but it could be worse! The road to the park had to be plowed Monday and Tuesday mornings and afternoons from all the debris that washed over the road. DSC_0060 DSC_0061 DSC_0063

Good thing I biked in early before the mayhem began! The deer have been out like crazy. There is a particularly lovely buck, velvety antlers reaching for the sky, that keeps standing right in the middle of the road while I try to bike through. He’s beautiful, but he is bumming my high since I have to slow from 35mph to 10mph because he’s in my way!  I got not one but two shout-outs in our BL newsletter this week, so I’m feelin pretty fancy.dear crabby

In the meantime, we’re headed to the Black Hills for the wedding of Pounder McNasty (aka Jason) and Arienne! We decided at the last second not to pack up the camper and get a hotel room, so we’re going to soak up the luxury of not having to pee outside! Hurrah! Tonight we stop in Denver with Dan and Jenn and then it’s off to wedding central, aka Rapid City.  in Nemo, South Dakota. Sunday we’ll be up at the crack of dawn to drive the 12 hours back! Yikes.

One thought on “So deceptive: A hike “to” Deception Peak

  1. Kelly says:

    Dear Are We There Yet,
    We know your pain. We once went cross country skiing with your fearless leaders. After many uphills and downhills we were reassured that the rest of the trip home would be downhill. LIES!
    -Wish We Were There


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