shit-eating grins and other things found in santa fe

It’s good to be back! As we made our way up the mountain this week, neither one of us could wipe our crazy grins off our faces. We immediately tried to track down Kelly, head honcho at Hyde, but he had left for the night. We had planned to stay in a sweet spot behind a locked fence that protects the water treatment facility, but it was locked, so we tried some other places, including the overflow loop. They typically only use those sites once or twice a year, so they are unused, separate from the other campground areas, away from the road, and absolutely stunning.

I fell in love immediately. The plan was to just stay the night there until we could get to see the other spot and move there, but there was not going back. We have no neighbors, beautiful sites with retaining walls, fire pits, towering pines that smell of vanilla, etc. and the dogs can roam around. We’re in a bowl, so the land cups the whole area, blocking noise and wandering dogs. It’s breathtaking. DSC_0004 DSC_0007 DSC_0009

We got the rig all set up, but we’re not done unpacking yet. Kelly and Mary stopped over to see the place and it is so good to catch up with them. It’s like we never left. Bry will start work Saturday.

Thought we’re not totally set up, I did get to get up early for school and take a hot shower, and I mean hot! We still have to iron out details like where exactly the shower tent has to be for you to be able to reach the outdoor shower handles, but man is it sweet to be able to take a hot shower in the morning. In year’s past, showers only happened at night because the solar bag had to heat the water up! Not anymore! We’re still working out other things like why the outlets aren’t working on the battery — it looks like maybe they only function when you’re actually plugged in which is a real bummer for us! We did work out how to fill out water tank up (since we aren’t going to take it all down, drive it down to the rv sites and fill it) with clean, new buckets with lids and a funnel and that works great. The bed is comfy so far and we slept like the dead in the mountain air the first night, so that’s a good sign.


The first meal at Cubic Casa’s new home

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0006

It was great to see friends and family on the drive down and lovely to meet the new crew at school and reunite with everyone here, including Miss Katelynn Bell. I still have yet to meet the famous Parra, but soon, I hope! We had a nice meet and greet last night and got to have some of Alfredo’s famous margaritas. Yum!

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