the end of an era: no more classes

Thursday afternoon Bryan finished his last class. ever. not just in his program, but ever. When he procliamed there would be no more degrees to get after this one, I countered with, “You could always get another bachelors, I guess.” At any rate, that’s a pretty great feeling, I bet. Actually, I’d be sad, but I do attend Bread Loaf after all… 

Speaking of that, my two classes are not reading intensive (creative nonfiction — a writing course and the essay and its viccissitudes — an essay course), so I’ve nothing to read for school right now. For the last 3 years, my spring has been fevered reading… soaking up Thackeray while Bryan drives me to or from school, listening to DuBouis while cleaning or baking, and biting my fingernails while trying to squeeze in those last de Baca poems before we get to Santa Fe. I started getting so anxious about NOT having any reading that last week I ordered all the books for Aleman’s class, despite not being registered for it. They’re all on the atomic testing in the Southwest, which is obviously enthralling, so why not? 

It has been too cold here to paint in the camper, but my friends at work have been helping me come up with a good name for her, so that’s been fun. Here are their brilliant ideas:  


I’m partial to Cubic Casa myself, but I like the play on Circular Lodgic too… Anyone care to weigh in??? 

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