a work in progress: i loves my new pop up

Things are happening around Circular Lodgic! Last weekend I started taping and priming all the “walls” and cabinets in the pop up, which needs a great name. Any ideas?

It was a ridiculously time consuming job to tape all those nooks and crannies and painting required me to end up with more paint on me than the walls. It was not that fun, but was a good diversion from school work. Just before I took brush to walls, I had a little panic attack about really going for it. I’m not the best nor most patient of painters, so I felt like this could be a huge disaster. Oh well, the paint went on.

Yesterday I finished up the priming and while Bryan presented at a discrete math conference, I started my first coat of white lullaby. She stuck well to that laminate (congrats, primer, you did your job) and I got pretty much everything covered in one coat. One long day later, a lot of paint on my clothes and arms, and a sore back later, and she was set.

Before I packed everything away, I took off all the disgusting brown painted metal pieces (like the furnace grate and the contraptions that allow things to fold down (see picture below with the little green carpet on it?), and spray painted them bright white. They look so much nicer now. Who chooses these things on the design end? Diarrhea brown? No thanks.

Here she is post-primer (pretty sad looking):



And after the first coat:IMG_1693


A few more coats, and I think it will be nice and bright in there!

Now for some reader participation:

In the picture above, you can see the color of the counters and table in the rig. They look kind of tan here, but they are actually a sage green with little speckles of salmon. We aren’t changing these anytime soon, so I need my curtains to look snazzy with them. If you look over here, you can see some of the fabrics I have earmarked in pinterestland. What do you think? I think it’d be cute to have the valances (not ruffly!) be a different pattern than other curtains, plus I’d be okay with the bed curtains being different than the rest of the curtains that cover actual windows. It’s so complicated, I need an interior designer! I mean, look at this! I love the chevron and the mix of patterns, but the colors don’t jive with those counters. Here is a close up of the counters: IMG_1690

So, can you help me decide?

In other news, Bryan made a connection with a mathematician at UMD who is working on a paper that’s related to the magic graphs business I posted about previously. She asked if he’d like to work on it! This is huge, since she’s published and it’s a work in progress. I’m happy for him!

He also won the mathematics department’s outstanding teaching award last week! The department head read from his evaluations and noted that his nerdy jokes are a class highlight. I guess some things never change, right former students???

In my work world, all is well. We’re working on writing a literary analysis, which is pretty impressive in the 7th grade world (compare an experience you’ve had with one that Buck has in The Call of the Wild). They’re doing well so far! Next it’s on to Mississippi Trial, 1955, which my students last year loved and learned a lot from. It’s a fictionalized story about the murder of Emmett Till. You should read it today!

Around the ranch, the wood shed is empty, but the weather has been warm. The driveway started to dry up at long last this week, but snow is predicted for tomorrow. Bryan did a little venting project on our septic system which has improved some smelly problems that one might discover if they do their own septic system!

A few weeks back, Bryan got a new battery charger that is supposed to cut down on the time we spend with the generator on; listening to it gets awfully old. We had planned to use our tax refund to buy solar panels, but alas, we had to pay in. Thanks, Feds! The charger helps some.

Mr. Woodpecker has returned and is continuing to peck at his reflection in the steel chimney at all hours. If you know any single lady woodpeckers, send them our way so that he stops seeing his reflection as a competing dude. Thanks.

Nitsa decided to finally give me my wish to have a chocolate poodle when she worked very hard at turning herself completely brown while trying desperately to retrieve the ball she threw under the yurt:


Instead of a walk that night, Nitsa got a $9 wash at Uncle Andy’s Pet Wash. Sweet! It didn’t turn out in the picture very well, but on that side she looked like a brown dog, all across her belly and legs. I have, in 6 years, never seen her completely covered like that.

That’s all from Circular Lodgic for now. Unlike last year, our projects are smaller this spring, which tells you that life at CL has finally calmed down a bit. Now it’s time to just sit back and appreciate living in the woods!

2 thoughts on “a work in progress: i loves my new pop up

  1. Corn says:

    My vote is for the white with coral dandelions. You have a LOT of straight line edges everywhere, so why not add some curves? Unless you are allergic to dandy-lions!


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