a mathematical breakthrough, a failed backpacking trip, kindness at your local business, and the search for a living apparatus for summer

Last week I got this email from my sweetie over in math land: math breakthrough email

I kept the entire email to show you how great I am at similes. You’re welcome. I was very sick and still working all day because I am a dedicated teacher. Now.

Bryan proved something having to do with math, having to do with his dissertation topics, having to do with magic squares. Ben Franklin. That’s what I know. BUT that does not make me any less proud (consult email). Also, when I say PROVE, I don’t mean it like you usually do. I mean he created a proof which is like solving something in that big, bad math world up there. Anyway.

Here is the beginning of his proof (no spoilers so you can’t steal his geniusness): math breakthrough

Over his spring break he went backpacking in the Boundary Water despite it still being March. It ended up there was way too much snow. He went, but got 6 miles in and realized he’d never be able to make it out in time to survive. I may have dramatized that. He came back early to a much harried wife who was massively (understatement of the year) relieved because she had been sleeping with knives and other scary weapons close by because of something very creepy and stupid that someone said to her, which people, you know, just don’t say. She also called more than one person crying. It was spectacular. Enough about that.

Other things have happened that I have no doubt are important ’round here. I’ll try to recall. Bryan put away more wood. I took a nasty digger on my skis and my knee still hurts. We got absolutely screwed on our taxes and have to pay in big time. I went to Detroit for a technology and education conference, which means I rode a bus for 12 hours. I did survive. We went to Duluth to see Jess, Kelly, Jason, and Joel. It was nice to be in the old haunts.

Our generator died and we are trying to see if we can fix it. In the meantime while we wait for the part, the owner of Ward’s (they sell snowblowers and mowers and fix them) lent us his for a week! Can you believe that? People are good and generous here.

Mostly though, we are looking for the next apparatus we will live in for the summer since the two yurts ARE NOT COMING DOWN NOW THAT THEY ARE UP. Portable my ass. We’ve done it again, folks. We need something to live in at Hyde this summer, but we can’t use the yurts we already own. We are considering:

  • renting a house (expensive, we fucking love Hyde State Park, and I want to be there so I can be part of the ranger family!, far away for Bryan)
  • buying a pop-up camper (expensive and kind of cheesy inside, but convenient – could use next year too)
  • buying another yurt (expensive, open and awesome ambiance, and lacks convenience and ease of other options – could use next year too)
  • renting someone’s camper, RV, or bus (not any real options there, but that has not kept me from begging my dad who lives in one part of the year, Joel who converted a bus but is trying to sell it, my mother who wants to own one someday, coworkers, and random people selling them on craigslist). You can’t say I’m not trying here, people.

Any other bright ideas? Don’t be afraid to say so if you think you’ve solved our problem.

Don’t say a tent because the dogs could not be left alone in a tent. Our car can’t pull more than 1500 pounds, but maybe we need to trade our car in for a big truck. We are Yoopers after all. My mom suggested renting someone’s tiny house on wheels, but no luck on that end. Know anybody in Santa Fe?

I guess that’s all from here. I’m sure I am forgetting interesting, productive, or funny stories, but man, it’s been a while and that’s all I’ve got! The only other thing is that spring is making its way here. Here are some shots from our creek. I had to stop and appreciate the ice on it when I was pumping water this week: DSC_0189 DSC_0195 DSC_0198 DSC_0199

4 thoughts on “a mathematical breakthrough, a failed backpacking trip, kindness at your local business, and the search for a living apparatus for summer

  1. You folks are SUPAH DUPAH! I live in New Jersey and may have a yurt for rental? I have not been super healthy lately and often prefer to Van camp, as the yurt is a lot for me to handle alone! Her name is Gert, or also known as the All Knowing Yurt. She is 16ft, all canvas and pine(I think). Not difficult to put up and lovely to sleep in! At our current home we have nowhere to set her up, else I would be hangin in there all the time. Be Well!


    • lucc0006 says:

      Hi K, Thanks so much for considering that! By the time you posted that, we had already decided it was time to go square!


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