a family affair

Last weekend we had the privilege of hosting the Streveler family at the yurt. With 4 kids under 8 in tow, Kristy was brave enough to bring the whole crew to the yurt for a chilly winter weekend. Temps were low, but we still braved it and snowshoed around the property on Saturday and Sunday! There tiny little snowshoes were adorable! I meant to get a picture of them all stuck in the snowbank outside the yurt, but I didnt get to it!

We hung out at the yurt for a while, the kids trying and trying, to no avail, to get Xena the Warrior Princess come out to play. The pups got massive amounts of love and it was awesome to catch up with Kristy. I got to hear about how life in iPad Land (aka Esko High School) is and got to see how incredibly grown up her kids are these days! I remember heading to the state speech meet with James when he was just a tiny toddler. Now he was running around, helping out with his siblings, and writing stories next to the fire. Time flies. Anyway, the kids got to see what yurt life is all about, especially the wet socks, and the shock of the cold when you leave the cozy yurts to head to the bathroom! It’s brutal, but so much better than before the porch was built! My favorite part though was reading to the kids on Sunday morning after breakfast. So cute!

I’ll let him sum it up from here. Here is his story about the weekend:

The story definitely ends with: “Then the cat bit me. The end.”


I’d say the only thing he didn’t get to write about was the dinner we eventually had out on the town, the pancakes Sunday morning, and the trip to Tech (his future alma mater) to see the snow sculptures. Since the wee ones fells asleep in the van, I took James and Izzy out to check out what was left of the sculptures. It was frigid, but we managed to see most of them and they even got to climb a pyramid out there! They took off after that, but Kristy left us with a plethora of adult beverages from her hook up.


I was worried that the kids would only remember their cold fingers and toes and not want to come back again, but I guess they really loved it: Kristy reported that Monday morning they woke up crying that they wanted to go back to the yurt! THAT is adorable.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0009 DSC_0008

After a lovely weekend with them, the temps dropped, so no school on Monday or Thursday this week. I guess I’m working 3 day weeks nowadays because last week we had two days off too! Check out our thermometer:


That says -23 outsde and 53 inside last Thursday! I spent last week’s days off cleaning up my classroom, cleaning the yurt and a-frame, watching sappy movies, grading, and writing. Pretty great, eh? This week I made angel food cake, talked to my mom a lot since she is off after a surgery, and took care of miscellany that needed doing. It’s pretty great having those extra days!

I also forgot to mention that I did  get a new stove for the a-frame too. It’s a simple black apartment sized range. It has a special battery spark ignition designed for off-gridders, so you can light it like normal people with gas stoves do instead of with a lighter. That’s a plus because I definitely lost some hair on my arms and head due to my manual light oven a few months ago…

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