Custom Butcher Block and a Winter Walloping

It’s been awhile. Sincerest apologies. Not too much has been going on here anyway.


Something I didn’t mention (I don’t think?) in my Christmas blogs was that Bryan decided to create a custom piece of butcher block for the end of the countertop for me to use as a built in cutting board. Since Dad has a nice woodshop, he figured that during our time in Mankato, he could do that project. When we got there, he thought he’d have to buy the wood for it, but alas, Dad came to the rescue. We used some wood that he had leftover from one of his many projects and then went out to the farm to find some boards to use. Then Bryan went to work, starting first with the design. Because he’s Bryan, he didn’t just make a simple design of one type of wood. Oh no. Bryan also decided to use darker cherry mixed in with the maple. Normal people would just do a striped pattern out of that. Oh no. Bryan, inspired by some wooden bookmarks that Katie and Danny gave us, created a staircase design. This involved at least double the cutting and gluing, but we figured it’d be worth it to have such a beautiful cutting surface!

While I sat reading and relaxing, he scurried off to the woodshop each day to work on the block.

When we left for Puerto Rico, he had the entire board glues together (it looked crazy because it had to be so big in order to do the staircase design), ready to be sanded upon our return.

Here are some in-progress pictures:








When we got back from Mankato (after a nice visit in Duluth), a storm rolled in, delaying my return to school. We got pounded with tons of snow and frigid temps (I still skied every day- just sayin’). The yurt complex looked like this midway through the storm:







We went back to school on Tuesday, only to have Wednesday off too! We should have had Friday off too, but because it was the worst of the days that week, but it was good to get back at it and get my routine back, I guess. You should have seen the Facebook chats happening between all of us teachers, evaluating our chances for days off. I couldn’t even keep up with all their shenanigans! I work with awesome people.

Anyway, when it finally warmed up, Bryan was able to sand the butcher block and put it in place. We applied several coats of mineral oil to protect it, but I still haven’t been brave enough to cut on it! Maybe tonight? It’s just so beautiful!

Now that I have beautiful countertops and all, the last thing I’d like for my kitchen is a new range to replace the TINY RV range/oven I bought off an Esko student for $20. His initials are BW. If you see him around, Eskomos, tell him Ms. Lucchesi is STILL rocking the yellow stove he sold me. I’m sure he’ll be proud of his fish-cooking, garage-living, 70s yellow RV stove. I’d say we got our $20 out of that thing, eh?

Anyway, here is the big reveal:






My husband is awesome.

In other news,  Bryan’s birthday rolled around last week. He got new skis because he doesn’t weigh enough for his old pair. I wish I had that problem. He also got just generally spoiled. We got to Gemignani’s for a really nice Italian meal because they do a free birthday dinner!

That’s all from C–except that we are counting the days until our big Porkies weekend with Allison, Jason, Kelly, Joel, Emily, Leah, the beasthound, and the poodles! What a crew that’s going to be! It hurts I am so excited.



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