Puerto Rico

This time of year you’re used to seeing pictures on Circular Lodgic like this:


DSC_0016Today though, I give you a taste of the tropics with a photo tour of our Puerto Rico trip:


We began our trip in the El Yunque Rainforest. We stayed at an inn right in the rainforest, so the sounds all night were what they pump into indoor water parks to make you feel like you’re in the rainforest. Except they were real. The woods are full of houseplants in their original habitat, far from the pots that we’re used to seeing them in.




This beautiful web caught my eye, but have no fear: Puerto Rico is not home to poisonous snakes, spiders, or plants.



The jungle reclaims everything. The first sign was from 1981. The second, 1991. That’s how long it takes a tree to swallow a metal sign indicating that it is a bearing tree.


The Rainforest Inn has a private hike from the property that leads to this creek, pool, and waterfall. It was slippery, steep, and worth the trip to swim in a rainforest pool with not a soul around.



m and b

Lost Yoopers found in rainforest in December. I kept thinking that it was August again and would be when we returned!






During our stay in the rainforest we ate real Puerto Rican food from the roadside bbq joint, El Verde. The whole chickens are where its at. The mofango, a Puerto Rican specialty made of mashed plantains, was good, but better at the seafood joint we went to in Lujillo. We visited the beach in Fajardo, had the stiffest margarita I’ve ever had (Bryan had to finish it), and took in the aqua waters. DSC_0153


DSC_0146We also went to El Yunque National Forest and hiked to El Yunque peak. We made it just in time before a storm rolled in and covered all the vistas in misty fog.




From the peak, we could see the Atlantic and the Caribbean. It was breathtaking!








The second half of our trip we spent in Arecibo in a beach house. We left our stuff at the house and headed to get a snack. The place was closed, but we had ended up inadvertently at El Cueva del Indio, a place where the Indians had hidden from the conquistadors. The caves have pictographs from that period. The water there was an incredible blue and the combination of the waves crashing against the cliffs, the surfers bobbing in the surf by the beach, and the roaring waves coming in, you couldn’t help but feel both tiny and soothed. I hope I never forget the way it felt to look off those cliffs into the neverending seas. Lake Superior can feel like an ocean, but this was something else entirely.







After getting sunburned and awestruck at the caves, we cooked dinner at the house and took one last walk on the beach as the surfers called it quits for the day. The next day was the beach day. We headed for the secret tidal pools that our landlord there showed us. It is incredible, made even more

so by the fact that we shared the beach that day with no one. Not a soul but us for miles of sand beach. We headed for the tidal pools, surfing in on our bellies as the tide came in to fill it up. W

hen we wanted more action, we simply walked down the beach 50 feet to where 10


An panorama of our beach that day. Waves to the right, tidal pool to the left and just us!


Tidal pool surfing

foot waves crashed into the beach. My mom and I tackled those for at least an hour, and there are some pretty hilarious pictures of us getting totally annihilated and taken down by waves. The water was warm there, but colder in the tidal pool. It’s all about options. Then we soaked up the sun on our private beach, trying to deal with the idea that it could really be December.








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