return to mouseland

The mice must have seen the photos on facebook because they reclaimed the a-frame while we were away playing in the tropics. I can’t blame them I suppose and I do thank them for counting their blessings in the a-frame and not invading the yurts.

About 8 hours or so of cleaning later, and the a-frame has now been restored to its human-friendly state. Now it’s on to the massive ordeal of unpacking.

We also returned to about a foot of snow on the driveway that we hired someone to clear before our return. Figure that out. We hoofed it up the driveway and then found the mouse horror show. We also discovered that the heat had not stayed on in their, so everything was frozen, including all our pipes (though we did drain them mostly before we left), the water in the toilet, and all our liquids in the entire place! I guess we saved on propane, eh? Then we went to the task of shoveling all the roofs and snowblowing the driveway. By 10pm it was passable and the roofs were clear.

It was a disappointing evening, but all things considered, our vacation was obviously worth it. I do miss the house-dwelling days when I could just return to a house as I left it.


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