friends giving and new cabinets

Sorry for the long lapse in posts. We’ve shifted over to now, but nothing has really changes on your end, so no worries.

My never-ending schoolwork has prevented me from telling some stories. Here I go.

The week of Thanksgiving brought many things to be grateful for, especially best friends and beloved family willing to travel many miles to spend time at Circular Lodgic.

Katie and Danny ventured north from the Menomonie, Wisconsin area to spend Thanksgiving with us. Their arrival on Tuesday matched up with Bryan’s week off, which he decided to spend making cabinets for the a-frame kitchen. This delighted me because both of us were very tired of looking at this, which I intentionally never included in photos, forcing me to really mine for this shot:


Now it looks like this:

DSC_0292 DSC_0290

because of this man:





Now, I’ll be the first to admit, his timing isn’t always impeccable. When I got home from work on Tuesday, the night Katie and Danny were to arrive, the entire porch was covered in sawdust, tools were everywhere, and Bryan was at work in the a-frame where we were supposed to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. I was less than impressed. When they arrived, the cabinet shell was done. Cabinets and drawer doors just needed gluing, and the kitchen was clean as ever. Apologies were uttered from the stressed wife’s lips. We all enjoyed a nightcap together around the fire and chatted.

I worked on Wednesday and when I got home, the drawers and doors were all glued. We took them snowshoeing at Maasto Hiito, made dinner together, and started cooking Katie’s pie company’s pies. She made an apple blackberry pie ahead and we baked that, but the real prize, in my opinion, was the pumpkin batch she’d make in the morning. When the pie was done, we all gathered in the yurt and played taboo and guesstures. Hilarious antics ensued.







We got up in the morning (some of us a bit woozy) and started making the feast. I cooked and baked in my famous purple pjs until about 11 am. Bryan was up at 8 chipping ice and snow off the Big Green Egg in preparation for the turkey. I woke up to his chiseling sounds. There were some stressful moments, but I’m happy to say that the feast was just that, a feast. We had it all: turkey, homemade stuffing, sweet potatoes with shmallows, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauces, an amazing cheese ball disguised as an apple, pumpkin and apple-blackberry pie with homemade whip cream, a delicious pear and feta salad, and everything else you can and cannot imagine. IMG_1446DSC_0199






We feasted. Then we did the dishes and Bryan and I took the pups for a ski. We snuggled in to watch The Giver, and played an impromptu game of charades while Bryan pumped water for the hundredth time. Katie acting out litter box will never be forgotten, especially considering what Danny guessed she was actin out. Hilarious.

Sadly, the next day brought their departure back to the Brickhouse, and before they could even see my mom, who flew in a 1pm. Off they went, and off I went to the airport to pick her up! It was the close of a lovely weekend. I already miss my Katie. This time it better not be sooooooo long it hurts.


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