outstanding teacher award!

I’m out of storage space for photos on the blog. I either have to pony up and pay for wordpress or move the site, which has proven difficult.

Nonetheless, I have news! After a third semester of remarkable student evaluations, Bryan has been nominated by his department for an Outstanding Teaching Award. He’ll get the official honor/certificate at a spring banquet, but he got the news a week or so ago! I’m not at all surprised but incredibly proud of him.

In other good news, he also chose an advisor for his dissertation research too. Small world: He’ll be working with a woman whose land we almost put the yurt on. When we were looking for land here, we first hoped to rent land from someone. We emailed the whole math department and put an ad on craigslist. The only response we got was from this Joel guy who lived out off Bootjack Road and had some space on some land where he typically flooded for a hockey rink. We went to look at it, but decided to buy our own land. Anyway, Joel is married to Bryan’s advisor!

I also have had a great start to the year. I had conferences last week and it was refreshing to find that 99% of the parents were supportive, putting the responsibility on their sons and daughters. I never once heard, “Ohmigosh, I’ve never heard before that ________ isn’t working hard enough, or doesn’t own their behavior, or doesn’t do their homework!” Glorious. I heard a lot of, “Oh, don’t worry; she’ll be doing all her homework from here on out!” I also got to brag about how much I admire many of my students. Life is good.

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