the last hurrah

Last Friday meant Kelly and Jason. I talked to them as I left school and expected them around 5. When I got home, however, there was a mysterious red car parked down by the yurt. Curious, and a little concerned, I wondered who it could be. Kelly just bought a new car last year, so it definitely was not their car. Maybe a friend of Bryan’s needed to leave it at our place?

I headed in to the porch, and no one said anything or came out. I wondered if I should get a form of protection before heading in. Instead, arms full, I opened the yurt door, “Hello?” And then this gal popped out:


Allison, my bestie from waaaaay back in middle school (elementary even!) rented a car and drove all the way from Minneapolis to spend the weekend at the yurt! AND she brought Bruegger’s bagels (sigh), smoked Wisconsin string cheese, Lake Superior Special Ale (which we cannot get here) AND Angie’s popcorn. This girl knows how to bring the party.

AND a mere 30 minutes later, Kelly and Jason arrived from Duluth! Now this was bound to be a weekend to remember!

We hit up Habeneros and played Taboo. It was guys against girls and these dudes were slaying us. For a time. We came back with vengeance and therefore I “made it rain” Taboo cards after a particularly amazing round (6 cards, not to brag or anything). In the morning, we made bagel sandwiches (sigh) and planted some trees. See, some of my 8th graders are doing this amazing eco challenge competition. Their project is to fight invasive species in the U.P. Part of their education tool is to show people invasive species and get them to plant native species. Therefore, I got three white pines to plant in the yurt forest! Despite much negativity coming from the two menfolk about how they will make delightful deer food this winter, we planted the trees.

Next up, Allison and Bryan went to shred the gnar (or mountain bike, as some folks call it) at the Tech Trails. I took Kelly and Jason to Hungarian Falls to take their engagement photos. It was hilarious. We laughed a lot, got some great shots, and got to take a nice hike. Here is my favorite!DSC_0027

That evening we had a party at our place, including the famous Beiring artichoke dip, a bonfire, burgers, and brats. The beer flowed like water, dogs ran around our legs, everyone ate, and much laughter was heard all around. Ayler shredded mud puddles on his tryke, coyotes howled in the darkness around us, and Bryan even made a toast, “To having more friends than chairs.” It was a lovely night. One for the books. It felt like it was the last hurrah before winter, especially since Matt and Elsa are headed off to Marquette for a few months, and so many great folks had blessed us with their presences from near and far!

The next day we made pancakes and put the crew to work digging up the frozen-all-winter water pipe to be wrapped with heat tape, insulation, and drain tile piping. I tried to make it fun and they swore they wanted to help. Allison and I used the pipe to send long-range messages, Bryan rolled his eyes, and we got a few snapshots: DSC_0144 DSC_0149 DSC_0150 DSC_0151 DSC_0152 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0160 DSC_0163


After that, we headed to watch the Vikings, but Allison and I stopped off at a few shops downtown. That night, Kelly and Jason took off, and the three of us watched Prom Night on the CW. It was thrilling. In the morning, we were sad to see Allicat hit the road.

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