Freybergs Unite!

Friday night we welcomed our family to Circular Lodgic! The last time they were here, they were sweating away on the yurt platform. We were still sleeping in the tent and had just barely set up the shower and running water! The mosquitoes were everywhere and it was sweltering.

This time we welcomed them into a cozy and clean yurt complex.

Friday night we went to Studio Pizza for dinner and to see the one and only Charlie Parr play! Sparrow Tree opened for them and we were really impressed! Their song, “A Horse to Water” was outstanding! And, as per every time he plays, Charlie was the best. I didn’t get to hear my favorites, from the gospel album, so I didn’t dance, but Mom and Dad Freybs liked the music too!

IMG_1255.JPGSaturday we got up and made blueberry pancakes and then went to Hungarian Falls to see the sights. Fall is upon us and I’d say we’re at peak colors here, so it was gorgeous! After that we came back and dropped off the pups and headed for Copper Harbor. The drive in to town was stunning, with lovely light filtering through yellow leafed trees canopied over our car. It really was breathtaking and none of us could stop exclaiming over the views.

When we got to town, we headed for the harbor and walked along the beach. After some cappucinno flavored ice cream (yum), we drove up Brockway Mountain. It was a zoo up there, complete with breathtaking views and a tour bus on a booze cruise. We decided to take the Eagle River route back, so we could drive along the lake.IMG_1254.JPGIMG_1251.JPG

Back at the yurt we enjoyed happy hour and then a delicious dinner thanks to the Big Green Egg. We grilled salmon and asparagus and I made mint mashed potatoes. Afterwards, we were all stuffed and happy. We capped the night off with a game of Taboo. Bryan and Dad completely annihilated me and Mom, but there were some laugh-till-you-cry moments over some of Dad’s hints. Hilarious stuff.

Today we put them to work, despite our attempts at getting them to just relax instead! We had breakfast at Kaleva’s and then the three of them picked up the year’s worth of scrap wood and decades old lumber that has been sitting around the property forever. They scooped it up and made a burn pile down the driveway. It is literally the first time we have ever seen the place completely clean of junk and scrap wood since we arrived, so it’s pretty incredible. It looks sharp around there now! Also, Bryan finished up the piping for the woodstove in Nonesuch Yurt, and just in time, because it will be in the 30s tomorrow morning!

It was such a fun time having them stay at the yurt with us! We love guests, hint, hint!

Now we’re taking in a Vikings game at their hotel for tonight and I’m getting some tests graded!














5 thoughts on “Freybergs Unite!

  1. Deb Mann says:

    Now I see what you were doing and it sounds like a Fabulous Weekend with Mom And Dad Freyberg!!!! You are living in a magical place –so happy for you!!! What a difference from last year at this time!! Now you get to enjoy your hard work!

    Love you both!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kari says:

    I love ur yurt! I love ur attitude and ideas! Yurts rule. Hope to meet u some day and bring my yurt. Pls read my very first post:
    Bright Blessings! K🎪


  3. bob freyber says:

    We had a great time! You have transormed your property into a destination! Yours is a shining example of what creativity, hardwork and the endless passion to preserve your quality of life, demonstrates. Well done! Proud of you both! The dogs ain’t bad either! Love, dad


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