fall has arrived and other business

So, it has been a while. My apologies. School has started and Bryan’s qualifying exam was last week. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks. Also, welcome to the new readers who have signed up for email alerts. We’re glad to have you here and thanks for reading!

.5 This week we were on Tiny House Blog. Here is a link to the story. We got quite a few inspiring, inquisitive, and positive comments, so I’m glad we decided to share our story. It’s always really nerve-wracking to put our story and ourselves out there.

1. I turned 30. We celebrated in Duluth, but missed having Jess there very much.

2. We created and installed shelving in the big yurt. The wood is from the would-be sauna that will likely never happen. The boards are worn and aged, complete with warping and a circular stain from a paint can. They’re perfect. We sanded them down, so they have interesting zebra striping and put them up using our $2 Ikea brackets. I love storage places. DSC_0026 DSC_0027 DSC_0028

3. Bryan created a shoe rack for the porch. Thank God. As I write, Bryan is poly-ing it and it’s super cute, a mixture of cedar and pine.

4. Bryan built a “dresser” for my clothes bins and baskets. It’s adorable and, like the rest of this stuff, cost exactly $0 since it’s wood we had literally laying around on the ground. I got some cute printed baskets to add to it when we were in Duluth. DSC_0012 DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0023 DSC_0024

5. Today I completely insulated the walkway between the yurts. We had planned not to do that, but now that we’ve used it for a couple weeks, we realize how nice it is to leave the doors open. I used leftover yurt foil insulation and even crawled under the walkway to insulate the bottom boards. It will still be chilly compared to the yurts, but I’m excited about it nonetheless. It looks like a spaceship right now and we don’t yet know what we’ll cover it with.


6. Yesterday we picked out the decorative tile and extra tile we needed to make the tiling under the wood stove larger (Bryan placed that before we had the yurt up and once up, we realized a window is nearly on top of where the stovepipe will be and they crack when too close). So, I got some in town and Bry tiled it last night. He waited the necessary time and finished the grouting tonight! Where the board is, there is the same small tile strip.DSC_0020

7. We met some neighbors! Some folks on ATVs stopped us a couple weeks ago on the trail at the bottom of our driveway to say hi. They asked if we were the people on the end (we are). They are Tim and Heather and they were cutting wood on the land there and invited us to stop by since they live just down the road. Tim stopped by yesterday and lent us his tile cutter, which we desperately needed. Then we went to there place to help press apples for cider and eat some homemade pizza. It was great to connect with some likeminded neighbors!

8. We put up a shelf to put our TV on. We picked it up at home, so I’m pretty sure that means we aren’t living that simply anymore, but at least we’re still living off the grid! Also, when we were home, we got more furniture now that we have more room.

8. DSC_0030 DSC_0025 DSC_0022 DSC_0019 DSC_0007

9. This coming weekend, Mom and Dad Freyberg are coming to the Keweenaw! We’re so excited to have them stay with us! I’m still hoping they’ll bring their dog too!

10. I went for a hike at Maasto Hihto today and I’m here to tell you, fall has arrived in the Copper Country. That means it is perfect timing for visitors… Hint hint.



2 thoughts on “fall has arrived and other business

  1. Katie says:

    ok, so FIRST of all, don’t cover up the silver lining of the yurt connecting tube with anything! think 70’s-submarine-UFO chic! hang a disco ball & little twinkly string lights. ya. Second, I love that you can bring your chaise lounge now! Third, Xena is cute.


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