a whole new world

This was a ridiculously productive weekend at Circular Lodgic. We got up early on Saturday, thanks to Miss Xena Hyena walking all over us until we got up. I guess she was anxious for us to finish her catwalk between the yurts.

So, bright and early, we were out trying to figure out how to close off the catwalk between the two yurts so that Xena could safely be allowed to move from one to the other AND so that we could leave the doors open, thus having ONE house, instead of a bunch of different houses. We didn’t have any idea if we were going to try to use leftover yurt canvas, wood, or a mixture. After some consideration, we decided against using a door as one wall (too complicated) and using canvas (sewing is not my forte) and decided to use the leftover wood that the former owner left from his pole barn project. It was set aside for the sauna I really want to build, but that’s not happening any time soon, so we went with that. We dug out the windows that used to be in the a-frame and added those on each side. They even already had red painted frames to match the yurts! We built a roof, framed in the windows, put up the siding, and covered the roof with leftover canvas. Bryan even rigged up a gutter so all the roof water will drain off the sides of that roof from each yurt. It’s spectacular and when we finished the project (approximately 10 minutes before our dinner guests, Tim and Casey, arrived!) we were giddy with how cute it looks. It look just exactly as I imagined Circular Lodgic looking: cute, rustic shack is what I’d call it! I think the windows give it a nautical look. I freaking love it.

While we were enjoying our meal with friends, we were able to leave all the doors, from the a-frame to the big yurt to the little yurt OPEN. Casey was able to toss Nitsa’s ball from her seat on the porch all the way into the big yurt. The pets are in heaven. They have room to play and Friday night found them all having a late-night playfest. Klue had one toy, Xena was chasing her string, and Nitsa was squeaking her ball so loud we couldn’t hear our movie. It was fabulous. Today I feel like it’s going to be a much better year around here. If I seem giddy today, it’s because I am.












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