bats in the belfry

Last week we had a visitor in the yurt. That day we added the door to the big yurt, so it can connect to the little yurt. When we opened it up, we agitated a bat that had been living just underneath the roof flap. What we didn’t know was that he ended up inside.

In the middle of the night, I woke to some strange flapping noises. Xena purring in delight at having us all back home together? No, there she was on the edge of the bed in hunting stance. When I flipped on the flashlight, a bat flew circles just a foot above our head, since we sleep up on the loft.

We didn’t know what to do. We got out and thought, then got a broom and paper bag. When we got in, it swooped about our heads. Bryan opened the second door, doing exactly what the CDC says not to do. It flew out.

Right now you are likely thinking of either the Radio Lab or This American Life shows on rabies. I was. Bats bite you in your sleep and you might never know it. They sometimes carry rabies which kills you in days.

Anyway, we seem fine.

Other news: I’ve been back at work now, today officially, but a couple other days out of necessity. It was nice to see all my colleagues today and a few kids popped in to meet me when they picked up schedules.

On Saturday we finished the yurt up! There are still a million finishing things to do like tile under the wood stove and move furniture in, but that will have to wait. Off we went to Matt and Elsa’s land near Michigamme. We got lost in the middle of nowhere, despite Matt having marked the way with landmarks on our Michigan Gazeteer. Luckily we ran into an ATV-er who got us back on track. We got there about seven and had a hell of a time. The pups played and played and we got to catch up with people there.

That’s all for now. It’s crazy to think we’ve been at Circular Lodgic for a year and a week. Just think of the craziness we were experiencing last year at this time. I’ve literally never been that exhausted in my life!





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