back at circular lodgic

We’re back in the Copper Country. It took us five days to get home and my herniated discs are really angry from the drive. My right leg is numb and my foot has lost significant power like the last time my back got bad. We got to stop in Mankato and Duluth (for two nights: surprise!) which was lovely. It was so nice to spend time with Mom and Dad Freyberg and then Kelly, Jason, and Jess in Duluth. Plus, we were finally reunited with Xena the Warrior Princess. It’s good to have a snuggle buddy again.

We’ve been hustling to get the baby yurt up and rain kept us from it for the first 3 or 4 days. It’s like fall here, plus mosquitoes. I forgot about the lack of sun, and after a New Mexico summer, it’s been a bit rough. There’s also the impending school year to contend with and August really is like a long Sunday night for me…

To avoid getting too wrapped up in school anxiety, we’re headed to Matt and Elsa’s land/cabin spot to celebrate her 30th birthday. That should be a good distraction, but we’ve got to finish the yurt before we can head there! Off to work!

Anyway, here’s where we’re at:



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