an end to the search

This morning while I was working in the visitor’s I finally got news from a visitor: Audrey’s body was found yesterday at 2pm. Here is the article from the Santa Fe New Mexican. According to the article and the park visitor, she was found 1.2 miles northwest of Wilderness Gate, which is frustrating in and of itself, since that is so close and where searches were taking place. It is also in the approximate area we were looking on Saturday evening with the fire crew, though it’s hard to say for sure. Based on the description, she was likely up the hill from the meadow where we searched. Like I mentioned in my other post, the article notes that had she made it to Aspen Peak, she would have known to head south or east to hit the Winsor Trail and hike out. They say they found her mushroom bag, her fanny bag with her poncho, and a small fire she may have started near where she was found. Based on the location, and the fact that winds were moving southeast that day, the calls for help that were heard on 403 the day after she went missing were probably hers.


I hiked the Borrego, Bear Wallow, Winsor Trail this afternoon and saw all sorts of wild mushrooms and at least one mushroomer. I’m sure I won’t be the only person who thinks of Audrey from now on when I see wild mushrooms. All I can do now is say a little prayer for her, and for her family to find peace. Rest in peace, Audrey.

One thought on “an end to the search

  1. Mom says:

    We are so sad to hear this news; hoped for a different outcome….but you did try. My thoughts and prayers with Audrey;s family


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