rain and missing woman

Since my family left, the rain kept up, so I finally got to see the creek swollen with water. Its music lulls us to sleep, but after a two days of the rain and dampness, I think for a minute I’m back in Vermont. The water here just doesn’t seep into the ground; it pushes land down mountainsides. Treasures and trash are unearthed all over the park. On a hike, an old budweiser pop-top presented itself to me. The rangers are all working on repairing washouts and adding mulch where it all got pushed away. Today they’re smoothing out gravel in preparation for the Corvette show this weekend. No one wants their vintage Vette driving on washboard parking lots.

Rushing creek



Oh, that’s why our tent floor, sleeping bags, and pillows were soaked.

Yesterday was Bryan’s day off, so we did laundry and then went up to Kelly’s to help him build a deck. It came out looking really great and we had fun chatting with him and his girlfriend, Mary. We were rewarded with delicious sweet tea and snacks.
In other park news, a sixty-five year old woman was hiking the Winsor Trail (it runs from the Ski Basin, down the canyon, and up toward Baldy) yesterday just north of the park. She left the trail to look for wild mushrooms and never returned to her husband on the trail. He came down to the park and told Travis what had happened. He called search and rescue, but they said he’d have to come down in order for them to send people out (they get all sorts of ridiculous calls, so they have to know it’s warranted to head out). Travis said he never returned to the park to get the message, so maybe he stayed out there searching for her. A few minutes ago, search and rescue, and a news truck headed up the canyon, so that may be related. Hopefully they carry good news. An hour later, the woman’s sons stopped by to see if we were the information center for search and rescue.

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