the end of year 3

I got two gifts on Thursday. One, a fawn the size of Nitsa. We’ve often said that Nitsa bounds through the woods just like a deer, but I had never seen one so close to her size before. We were right, by the by. As we reached the ridge on the West Circle Trail (the usual), I heard loud crashing. A bunny? Too loud. A bear? Too quiet. Something significantly large enough to be interesting. Finally, after much crashing, a beautiful spotted fawn leaped out of its downed-tree-nesting spot and bounded down the mountainside. Nitsa and Klue were hot on its tail, but they (miracle of miracles) listened when I called them back.

The second was a care package from Kelly and Jason! They sent us chocolate chip bars (YUM! I MISS MY OVEN SO MUCH), the new Trampled by Turtle album, and a photo collage of Xena the Warrior Princess and Lady Slipper near one another. Progress has been made, for sure. When we first left Xena (who is not a traveler and does not like other cats) at their place, she hid under the stairs for a time and bit Jason and Kelly when they came near. She has eased her way into life there, despite some rather interesting tendencies (she just recently has taken to fertilizing a plant that they adopted when we moved). Anyway, it was nice to see the two of them nearby, if not even close to snuggling. The Trampled album sounds more produced than their previous albums, maybe less raw. Their voices sound different. However, after listening to it through once, I was totally sold. Now that I have listened to it on repeat in the Element, I’m in love. There is even a song that is about Duluth. Sigh.

Thursday was the final day of classes at Bread Loaf. It’s always such a strange time on campus. People are sad, anxious (some start school next week!), relieved, and nostalgic for the beginning of the term. Six weeks goes by quickly at Bread Loaf and it often sneaks up on us. Most of the time, classes gel in a way that makes you regretful about their having to end. The end of SW Lit and Film was like that. I had to make a Target run, so I bought popcorn to pop for our last film viewing. Others brought treats to share as well. I got to talk to Jesse, the professor, for a while before class which was a nice way to end the term. As computer lab attendant, I had to stay after class to pack up and take the computers and office equipment to the storage unit. I had a terribly migraine, but we made short work of that.

Next, Bryan and I headed to the Ninja Blue Sky Reading at Jess, Jen, and Dan’s house. So, Blue Sky is the weekly BL event where people read their work aloud, be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.. I never go because it is on Sundays at 7pm and I work until 2. There is no way I was going to come all the way home and go back for that, so I never made it, regretfully. So, this one was supposed to be a funny version and involved a BL-er acting as the director Cheryl. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go to this one at least because there are so many talented Bread Loafers. Some read poetry, including Cathe, who won the Bread Loaf-wide poetry prize this year for an absolutely beautiful poem called “BiPolar.” Some people sang, including sing-alongs of “American Pie” and “Wagon Wheel.” In every situation like this, where there is a grand sense of togetherness, awe of our peer’s talents, etc. Bryan and I just think about putting some of the math people from Michigan Tech here for a few minutes. Then we laugh. Let’s just say the gulf between Tech math department events and Bread Loaf events is the approximate size of the Grand Canyon.

So, everyone left with warm fuzzies and then a group of us headed out on the town. Jen had her sights on dancing, so despite my migraine, we headed to a couple places that have music. We ended up at Evangelos? or something like that. Evidently part of Crazy Heart, with Jeff Bridges was filmed there because there were posters of the owner with The Dude all over the place. We danced a bit, and Jen even got some other patrons to join in. I wish I could put Jen in my pocket and bring here with me everywhere, but no such luck. Then Dan (my brother), Jenn (his girlfriend), and London (the sheepadoodle) arrived, so sad goodbyes were had. so we headed up to the park to get their tent up and hit the hay before my mom and John arrived the next morning for the big Mann-Lucchesi reunion!

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