Lucchesi Power!

My dad is here! When I got home from our megahike on Saturday, my dad and his buddy Peter had arrived to camp with us for a few days! I wish I wasn’t so busy with work and school, so I could spend more time with them. We ate at Del Charro that first night, hung out for a while on Sunday afternoon, and saw Sherman Alexie speak. I had spent part of the afternoon reading aloud one of his stories in Blasphemy, which you should rush out and buy immediately. It is called “Because My Father Always Said He Was The Only Indian to See Jimi Hendrix Play “The STar-Spangled Banner” At Woodstock.” I was trying to convince my dad to come hear him speak, and I knew if he heard his hilarious stories, he’d be in. He was hooked a page in. I could hear him laughing at Alexie’s jokes, so I knew I had done the right thing by getting him to go.










On Monday I had class (and turned in my last paper for Indigenous Lit!) and work until 5, but he took us out to eat at The Tune-Up. It was delicious, duh. However, Bryan’s mole chicken was the bottom of a chicken carcass, complete with bones. When we told the waitress, she brought us free tres leches for dessert. While it was not the greatest thing I have ever had in my mouth, which was vanilla bean creme brûlée at that place outside of Woodstock, New York. See link.

Stuffed, we rolled ourselves home and had a campfire. Today we hung out around camp while I did laundry. Today I turned in a 32 page pedagogical unit for SW Lit and Film. And with that, I am officially done! Unfortunately, my dad and Peter leave tomorrow. It’s my long day, so I will have to say goodbye in the morning.

Good news around the bend though: my brother, his girlfriend, their poodle, my mom, and John are all coming on Thursday/Friday. More company! AND Katelynn is due to be rolling back in to the campground later this week.


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