Katelynn Bell!!!

First and foremost, Katelynn Bell has arrived. She rolled in Wednesday night, which meant it was time for Maria’s blue corn enchiladas and margaritas. I’m glad we waited for her arrival to go there because it was perfect. We got to hear great stories from South Korea, including the hilarious shirts that they sell there with obscene and/or nonsensical English on them. She has photographic proof, of course. Reuniting with Katelynn felt like this: “Finally.” DSC_0002

She came to SW Lit and Film with me on Thursday and Aleman was so excited to see her there that he had the whole class introduce themselves to her. She even managed to contribute to the conversation despite having not read the book. Impressive. After that we headed back up the mountain as a storm came in. Bryan said it flash flooded, and if the fire pit was any indication, that was the truth. Katelynn and I bailed it out while Bryan got the fire going again. After burgers and corn, we caught up some more by the fire.

We had pancakes and hiked the Circle Trail in the morning and then she was gracious enough to read my paper for SW Lit and Film and was tremendously helpful in cutting down my wordiness. It’s a problem. Now I feel like it is under control again, if not ready to be turned in…

That night we went and met Brenna, my college roommate from St. Olaf!, and her husband for dinner. I don’t know when we last saw each other, maybe briefly junior year of college? She recently found the email I sent her to make the first connection with my randomly-chosen roommate freshmen year! Can you imagine? Based on the sounds of it, I was a real dork. That sounds about right.

It was great to catch up with her, and really cool when I realized that she is doing her internship for her phd in psychology in alcoholism treatment for Native Americans. She plans to stay in that after she graduates (Dr. Greenfield, anyone) soon! One of the places they might move is Duluth because there is a post-doc there, given the high Native population. Cool! We talked about the paper I am writing on alcoholism’s impact on children in Sherman Alexie’s short stories. She totally knew what I was talking about (obviously given her job) with my whole angle of collective and intergenerational trauma, addiction recovery language, etc. Muy intersante!

Because of my dear Katelynn, we got to see Sherman Alexie speak last night at IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts). Homegirl is getting her MFA from IAIA because she just couldn’t handle a summer off of Bread Loaf so she is doubling up. We (me, my dad, Bryan, and Jen) went to listen to him speak a few hours after I  finished up the paper I mentioned above. It was a dream come true and he was as funny as his work makes me think he should be. I also met him and he signed my book which was all full of pink post-its marking pages. Photo to come!

Sherman Alexie speaking at IAIA!

Sherman Alexie speaking at IAIA!


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