highlights from a santa fe weekend

The front end of my week is full of work and class, work and class, so when Thursday rolled around, I was looking forward to not rushing around. I’m not sure I accomplished that, but I tried. Here is the yurt, followed by highlights:DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006
DSC_0009 DSC_0012

Here are some highlights:

1. The vanilla smell of the Ponderosa Pine bark that wafts along the hiking trails in the park.

2. The breathtaking views from up near the Ski Basin (10,300 feet) where we mountain biked (or tried to as there were many downed trees in our way).

3. A party at Jess, Jen, and Dan’s adorable adobe (what building in Santa Fe isn’t?) home for the summer. They let us bring the dogs to abate their puppy withdrawal, so the dogs cruised around the terraced courtyard, complete with cacti, adobe fireplace, and the “front door” of the house which is outside. They asked me to shut the front door and I went to shut the door to the house. They meant the door to the courtyard, which is really part of the house. Anyway, it was delightful. Maybe Bry and I should forego Oxford and all that extra money can go toward renting one of these amazing homes for a summer? Just a thought.

4. We also mountain biked the Borrego-Winsor triangle which was ridiculously fun going down and terrible going up. Story of my life. In that last picture of Bryan, we came from up where the trees start. Pictures that cannot do the steepness justice:





5. Bryan was reunited with his favorite restaurant, Del Charro on Thursday. He didn’t have his favorite, frito pie, but maybe next time. We were joined by friends and the margaritas were delicious.

6. We listened to the all-female mariachi group last night. They are great! DSC_0015


8. It has been in the 40s at night, and Nitsa can’t handle it with her little skinny self, so she got a dog sweatshirt and is now cozy as can be. She doesn’t even seem embarrassed, but that is probably because she can’t read that it says RAD TO THE BONE on the back. It was the only one her size.


That should show about a quarter inch of pad on top of what you see.

9. Bryan finally replaced my road bike brakes and they were completely (and I mean completely) worn down so that there was no more pad left to brake with. Thank you, Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Fe for that.

10. The army worms are out in full force. They’re the new crickets.

11. Yesterday we connected with Kelly, the park’s superintendent, and he is awesome! Fun fact: his daughter lived in Lake Linden, Michigan, approximately two miles from where we live. Also, I posed the idea of doing volunteer hours by making a website with campsite pictures to lure people in to Hyde. He seemed to think it could work. I know when I camp somewhere, I like to see the sites first, especially if I can reserve them ahead of time. The park is full of lovely lean-tos, terraced tent pads, picturesque views, and the website only has one or two photos on it! Anyway, he said if that doesn’t work, we can just walk around with a clipboard and write down vehicle info so that can crosscheck payments and make sure people pay. I’m relieved we don’t have to do more traditional camp host duties.


2 thoughts on “highlights from a santa fe weekend

  1. Deb Mann says:

    What was that on the roof of the yurt? It looked like sunshine? Is it really? Wow! That’s a switch from the Vermont summer isn’t it? I hope that you’ll save some for when we get there…I love that campsite!


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