summer in hyde, some are not

DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0090The opening dinner/ceremony was a good time last night. It was lovely to be back in the land of green chile enchiladas again. I got to reunite with many people from the last two years of Bread Loafin. I don’t know if any of you recall, back in the days of the Yurtin’ in Santa Fe blog, my mention of the ridiculously fabulous, entertaining, eccentric, and kind Jeff Nunokawa. I took his Victorian Novels class two years ago and adored him. Anyway, when he spotted me, he yelled my name (this is not unusual for him) and came over. He immediately tried to recall something very funny we talked about in class one day, but got it slightly wrong. He came up to me saying, “Meryl, what was that boy band that you said that hilarious thing about? You said, “Sigh, don’t you just miss them?” After a moment, I realized he was talking about Dawson’s Creek. That summer, my beloved Katie Krall sent me Dawson’s Creek folders and boy did he love them. I am delighted that that is what he remembers about me, especially because he also said that summer that my handwriting is psychotic.


When I got home, Bryan had the flooring and the lattice walls all laid out, but without my help, he’s stuck there. Today I had class and now work until 5, but maybe we can get some done when I got him, if I’m up to it.

Anyway, I woke up this morning absolutely, miserably sick. I assumed I was hungover, despite having only two glasses of wine with appetizers and dinner. I was miserable: terrible headache, chills, nausea, trouble sleeping, etc. The altitude here does a doozy when combined with alcohol, so I thought I had just gone over my limit, though I did think it odd. Then I threw up, four times! at the campground. I had 9 o’clock class. I barely made it to campus without stopping, what with the windy roads and all. I made it through the first part of class, even introducing myself semi-coherently. When I went outside, a woman who noted my Minnesotan status came up to talk to me about how much she loved Minneapolis. She pulled out a banana and it was game over. I had to run away from her and threw up all over myself and some stairs outside. With people around. Yes, very charming introduction. I haven’t thrown up in probably ten or twelve years and never in public, so I was shocked and mortified. Anyway, she came to check on me and helped me figure out that I have altitude sickness. Duh. I went for a difficult hike my first day in Santa Fe. Dumb. I should know better. I cleaned up, made it through the rest of class, and successfully ate something. Now I’m chugging gatorade. Everyone in the office today has confirmed that that is what I have, and I guess it can last a few days. Hopefully I can gatorade my way out of it.

Update: I am feeing much better today (Tuesday). We got the yurt up today, after trying unsuccessfully last night. This new yurt is kind of funky. When we spread it out, it was 18 feet, not 15. Bryan took khana (the crisscross wood walls) off, then when we put rafters in, the roof was too steep, causing the rafters to crack and not go into place. Long story short, it was a hassle. But we got her up today, so no worries! There she is below, plus one of me preparing dinner.

SW lit and film (with a focus on environmentalism) today was great. Bryan and I stayed up late watching the only film for class I hadn’t watched, THEM!, an old 1950s creature feature. We watched it in the tent, for lack of any other locale. The ants in it are mutated by the atomic testing in NM. Then we ended up watching it in class anyway. Oh well, I got more out of it the second time! Anyway, the direction we went was surprising and made complete sense, though I had missed the whole anti-commie aspect of it! Reasons why I love Bread Loaf. Now I am researching New Mexico water rights to connect with the film The Milagro Beanfield War (directed by Robert Redford) for a presentation.








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