relaxing on the porch and porcupine love



Thursday on our walk at Maasto Hiito the dogs got interested in something along the side of the trail. Bryan noticed a visitor before they did, luckily, because it was a porcupine. He had me take them down the trail and then he came and distracted them down the trail so I could check her out because he knows how much I love porcupines.

I strolled back down the trail and knelt down to look at her. She just lifted her front legs up in the air, sat back on her haunches, and looked at me. She moved her head slowly from side to side, like a slow-motion version of what bears do when they’re sniffing something out. Then we just looked in each others’s eyes and I talked to her. I don’t really know what a spirit animal is or how you determine what yours is, but I’m fairly sure mine is a porcupine.

Anyway, while I was at school on Thursday, Bryan finished framing the roof and took down the a-frame’s little porch roof! It looks awesome with the cedar boards he used width-wise and the green 2x4s that make up the rest of it. We’ve already been able to enjoy the porch, despite it not having its roof on yet.

Also, the second yurt arrived this week AND our new, gigantic propane tank did too. Thankfully for this size, we could put it farther away, so we no longer have a direct view of two ugly tanks and we moved it over by the garage (which we moved last weekend).

The guys at Ferrell have really come through for us this winter. As you may remember, we did not love Ferrell for a while there, but they gave us a handful of free 100gallon tanks this winter for no good reason at all. Now, when they brought a tank, they brought not a new one or one from their fleet at HQ, but one that came from another customer who was having theirs replaced. It was 35% full. FOR FREE. That’s ton of free gas! I’m counting our blessings!






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