saving the day: student comes to the rescue with kindness

Last night I was up until 11 taking the four and a half hour practice test for that teacher testing I have to do. I smushed it into more like 2.5 hours and rushed through the reading and writing sections. It’s the math that I need to focus on.

Anyway, this morning I would have liked to just stay home and sleep. I was tired, but pulled it together and was cheerful with my kids. I did some reading with them as they read their independent novels, and let them watch the second part of Caine’s Arcade to send them into the weekend thinking positively. I was still pretty tired and unmotivated, but I faked it pretty well. Then, midway through my fourth hour, I found a small envelope sitting on my keyboard.

This pretty much sums up teaching. You have rough days. May is crazy, especially in a middle school. Some days you think all the kids hate you and/or you just aren’t getting through to them. And then you get a card like this:


There is no better time to get this card than on a Friday in May when you stayed up too late doing something you did not want to do. Sometimes the kids must just know. Remind me of this when I’m wondering why on earth I’m not a postal worker, okay?

One thought on “saving the day: student comes to the rescue with kindness

  1. Oh, baby! This is what it’s all about! And for every one like this who tells you how they feel, there are other kids who think the same way in varying degrees and you may never know. So hang onto this for those rough days…You are making a difference in their lives whether they know it or not right now! Love you!


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