nonesuch yurt

It’s happening! Yesterday we got up after a ridiculously fun night at Nick’s house and hit the road to Iron Mountain, home of the closest Home Depot. Due to the massive amount of supplies we were bringing back, we both had to drive the two hours, one way. I jammed out to Dashboard Confessional like the good old college days and Bryan rocked the trucks CD player with his old CDs. I myself had a damn fine drive down, pulling the trailer with the blue box.

After two hours, we had approximately 6 of those big lumber carts full of supplies. It took a half hour to ring us up and almost an hour to load the trailer, car, and truck bed full, but we did it.



Back we went, and when I got home today, the bulk of the porch deck was framed in. My husband is amazing.

He also finally got the courage to call the builder inspector and we’re clear (WITHOUT PERMITS) to put up the second yurt AND build the porch. Holy shit. I almost died of shock when he told me.

In other news, it’s like <em>The Birds</em> up in here. A crazed woodpecker continues to peck at every non-wood material we have up here. Ding, ding, ding on the metal woodshed roof. Ding, ding, ding on our gate. We also have a pair of birds the come straight up to the a-frame door and face in on a ledge right above it. There isn’t enough room for a nest there, so it’s a mystery to us! So far none have attacked, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

The small yurt (bedroom) will be connected to the big yurt (living room) via a door. That means we’ll be adding a second door to the big yurt. They’ll be elevated at the same height, so it will be a little bit like when you move from one train to another via that little connector thing. I’m thrilled!






2 thoughts on “nonesuch yurt

  1. Will you be getting another stove for the bedroom yurt? This is going to be such a great design. Keep the photos coming. How great to be married to such a handy builder guy!


  2. Deb Mann says:

    Wow! You shopped til you dropped! I am suprised at how big the breezeway will be. I was picturing narrow like a hallway but this is like a whole new room! And with the new yurt, you’re going to have a lot of great space. The dogs will love the breezeway as they’ll be able to see outside more and keep track of things for you! Bryan rock on…


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