spring melt

Bryan is finished with another successful semester! This semester he taught a calc course for science majors and had a lot of fun teaching it. At the end of the semester, he got no less than 5 emails from grateful students who wanted to compliment him on his teaching, including one who said he was the best professor they had had at Tech!

This week he also finished the trim in the bathroom (now that I am finished painting), hung all the snow and wind rafters, and hung up the shelf brackets I bought over Thanksgiving break! Now I will be able to put some things up on those shelves and get organized a little more! Pictures to come!


The spring snow melt continues on and to counter the mud, we threw down a gift from from Matt and Elsa:



It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. Now the yurt and a-frame are full of wood shavings, but it’s better than dirt!

At this point, most of the snow has taken a hike, but the lack of green and the cold weather is pretty depressing. As of yesterday, things long-buried have been born again, including ugly piles of scrap lumber from the a-frame reno, ashes from the wood stove, and our summer tires. We’ve got a lot of picking up to do around here!

People around these parts are anxious for spring to get here already and we’ve started tantalizing one another with stories that start with this: “So, I was down-state (so not in the UP) and there was green grass…” “Well, my in-laws live in Mankato, and they have green grass too!” I think Bryan and I are not alone in having some serious doubt that it will ever come here. I mean, we’ve been here since August and it’s been snow-covered since Thanksgiving. You do the math. I started trying to think of the land being green, and couldn’t even as we trekked all over it this week, taking in the beautiful waterfalls and creeks that trace our land. Maybe it WILL come, but we’ll see…

In other news, this week I found out I have to take the Michigan teacher licensure test, despite having a MN license and 7 years experience. The problem? It has cost me $300 already and I still have one more test to register for. I have to take it on a school day and have to use my last bit of personal time. It has a math section. The last math class I took was in the spring of 2002, my senior year in high school. Bryan looked at it with me (and taught me those lessons) and was appalled by the stupid and impossible questions that are supposed to assess whether or not I am qualified to teach English. Rant over.

In my classes this week, my 7th graders played literary charades (so they silently act out a scene from the book and the rest of the class guesses what scene it is). It was the highlight of my week and I laughed so hard I was crying. This week I’ll play it with my 8th graders too. I love teaching novels.

We had an inservice on Friday, so Bryan, Diego, and I went to listen to Bluegrass at the Orpheum on Thursday night. It was fun! We also are headed to a friend’s place for a party today (he also was in Bryan’s class :-) ).

Coming up next: we officially have a yurt/porch plan! Materials will be purchased this week! :-)

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