updates on the a-frame

Last weekend was the first weekend I did not bring home papers to grade, so I got to a project.

At that time, Bry only had three weeks left of school, so things were getting stressful. He has had a good semester. His evaluations from his students were all 5s and he got many, many compliments. His evaluator (a professor) agreed with his last evaluator, saying he was the best TA she’d ever seen. That week we attended the math banquet, where she introduced Bryan to the president of the university, by saying, “He really is the best teacher I’ve ever seen.” When we went to sit down, all of our friends had already found tables and they were full, so we sat with her and her husband and the president and his wife. They were all very kind and interested in the yurt. Since they all have forestry backgrounds, they thought it was cool and the president and his wife had even lived in an Airstream for a year. Did I mention we got a free meal out of it? :-)

Anyway, Bry spent the weekend at school, preparing for a presentation he had on Tuesday, so I painted the rafters in the a-frame. I had planned to do this long ago, but then life happened. The weekend we moved in, I painted over the mouse piss stains on the rafters with BIN to block the stains and the odor, but I never got around to painting over it. I chose a bright turquoisey green color to match our Vine Maiden print. I was a little shocked by the color once it was up, but I do think it looks good. Here it is, but keep in mind the trim isn’t up!




I also polyurethaned the window trim and a shelf by the sink. I threw the second coat of that on yesterday, so now that’s done too. It sure feels good to make progress. I cannot wait for BRyan to be done so that we can start on some of the BIG projects coming up around here!

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