sloppy and other springtime news

1. The driveway snow is nearly melted, something we had been rooting on for weeks.

2. It is now a muddy mess, all chewed up by our cars and we have to park at the BOTTOM of the hill and walk.

3. It is getting warm outside! The sun is often out!

4. We are having trouble hitting the sweet spot for heating up the stove in spring. It keeps on getting into the 80s in here. The cat is living the good life, but I don’t think the pups are too thrilled.

5. Bryan only has two more weeks of school.

6. We have gotten several free propane tanks from Ferrel gas employees, on the sly.

7. We are still skiing, though it’s pretty slushy and slow.

8. The water filter gets clogged after we pump only 4 gallons of water. When it gets clogged, we open it up and the filters are black. Our $8/month water bill is going way up. We’re still working on the problem solving, including five gallon buckets so the water can settle and we can pump off the top. It’s a shit show.

9. With all the run off, we added bleach to our water, just in case.

10. We went to the Porkies a few weeks ago, and I still have not blogged on it or posted pictures. My apologies.

11. I’m teaching my 7th graders Mississippi Trial, 1955,  a fictionalized story of the murder of Emmett Till. Teaching books is why I became an English teacher, so I’m loving it.

12. We’ve made a decision about our addition to Circular Lodgic.

13. Klue’s fourth birthday was Monday and I forgot. That’s a first. The only reason I even remembered was because a friend on Facebook adopted one of her sisters and SHE remembered while I forgot. The next day I got her a toy to compensate. She said it was worth the wait and proceeded to growl at Nitsa if she even looked at it. Honestly, I think if she would have pushed it, Klue would have bit her ear off. I took video of this as the standoff lasted at least ten minutes, but WordPress makes you pay to upload videos. So sorry.



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