the apostle island ice caves, a once in a decade people fest

It has been a long time, people. Sorry for the delay. I have a lot of catching up to do, so expect the next few posts to be short. This probably works better for you anyway! Early in March we finally hit the road back to Duluth for a long weekend to see friends and retrieve my teaching stuff from the attic. It was Bry’s spring break, so I took Monday off and we hit the ice caves on the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Everyone and their grandma has been visiting them and they’d been featured on national news shows. More on that below. Our time in Duluth was wonderful. The house looked good and it felt good to dig into my teaching stuff to bring back to Houghton. We got to spend time with our beloveds, enjoying Luce and the Lindo. Not bad. I got to hug on Jess a lot, which was necessary after a long drought. We got quality time with Kelly, Jason, and the kitties. We got to see Joel’s latest project, the adorable bus home he is building. Bryan helped him out one night and got inspired to finish trim in the A-frame when we got back. I got to walk in Jay Cooke and we skied with Joel, Emily, Jason, and Kelly out at our favorite haunt in Cromwell (Fond du Lac State Forest). It was a lovely time. When we left town on Monday morning, I cried all the way through Superior. I’d be a damn liar if I said I wasn’t  homesick. I’d still be lying today if I said that.

We headed for the Apostles. You can only go out there by kayak in the summer or on frigid winters like this one when Lake Superior freezes over. It has been five years since they were accessible in winter, so it is a bit of a zoo out there. I’m glad we went, but it was forty degrees and the snow was all slushy and really hard to walk on. There were thousands of others there. The caves were beautiful but hard to access with the swarms of people. I somehow managed to get some pictures that didn’t feature people. This was a challenge. I’m glad we went, but I don’t know if I’d go again next time (or at least I’d try to go before NPR does a story on them).











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