“spring” break from MTU

As I mentioned in the last post, Bryan got inspired by how amazing Joel’s bus was looking with the trim nearly done. I came home that Tuesday from work and without ever mentioning his plan, he had nearly finished all the trim in the a-frame! He trimmed out the windows and doors and had started putting trim along the rafters and tongue and groove. I cannot believe how much better it looks. I didn’t even realize it looked crappy until I saw it with trim on! He did an amazing job. I went to work the next day and told everyone that he could stay on spring break forever if I kept coming home to surprises like that! Since I was feeling down, he said he wanted to do something to lift my spirits. Mission accomplished.

Just as a point of comparison, here is the before of the a-frame and then the recent photos:













He also cut down a tree and dragged and chopped it too. Since the snowbanks are so high, he had to devise a special way to do it.






One thought on ““spring” break from MTU

  1. Deborah Mann says:

    Looking lovely and cozy! That trim does make a difference! Oh what we could accomplish if we didn’t have to go to school and work everyday! Nice work Mr. Freyberg!


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