six months at Circular Lodgic

On Sunday, it had been exactly six months since we closed on the land that would become Circular Lodgic and our home.

It’s hard to believe it has really been that long. At the same time, I often look around and am in awe at how different it was a few months ago. Just last week, I was reminiscing about that night in August, after a very long drive from Vermont: We fearfully drove up the driveway, wondering if our car would pull the yurt-laden trailer up that steep a grade. We made our way up, and turned toward the a-frame, driving over four foot tall weeds, and threw our tent up over the weeds by the light of the headlights. We toasted our new home with a Keweenaw Brewing Company brew and slept long and hard on those weeds. When we woke, we couldn’t even see the a-frame for all the weeds and brush that had grown up over the spring and summer since we’d looked at the land.

If you’ve followed our journey, you know how much we’ve learned, all the mistakes we’ve made, and the home we’ve made for ourselves here in the woods. Enough about that…

We rang in this anniversary of sorts with a lovely visit from Kelly and Jason. We needed the laughs, camaraderie, and comfort they brought with them. We took them out on their first-ish cross country skiing adventure and they were both total naturals. We broke them in on Saturday at Tech’s Tolkien trails which are nice and flat, but after that, we could tell they were ready for some serious shredding. The next morning, after pancakes for sustenance, we hit up the very hilly Maasto Hiito and while there were some spectacular falls on the downhills, we all had a blast. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone was exhausted by the end of the day. As Kelly came hooting down a hill, we spooked an owl and got to watch it take flight away from our noisy group. We ran into happy people who were also out for a nice ski, though they were carrying “homemade liquor” which made them quite talkative. Saturday night we had raised the yurt roof by playing Taboo and Guesstures, my favorite games. Let’s just say it was a good time, in spite of the fact that Bryan refused to actually get off the dog bed to act for Guesstures. Despite that, he still got 4 hard cards on that round. It was ridiculous.


In the morning, I was melancholy because looking back on the night before reminded me of how hard it is to move somewhere new, leaving behind the people that keep you laughing like that regularly. You know what I mean right? The people in your life that you can let your I-curse-like-a-sailor-side out with wild abandon, or those you can admit to that you are about to pee your pants you’re laughing so hard… You get the picture. Of course, soon enough it will feel like that here too and we do know lots of fabulous people ’round these parts; it just takes time. Bryan also reminded me that we can visit Duluth more often if we need to and that’s true of course.

In other news, things at the yurt are going well. For the first time in months, a heat wave has hit us these last two days. The thermometer read 38 degrees today. It felt like short-sleeve weather. No joke. We got an extra day of heat on the propane tank. Bryan started whispering things about spring.

But, the forecast for tomorrow includes a blizzard warning. Guess we’re not out of the woods yet, eh?

2 thoughts on “six months at Circular Lodgic

  1. Colleen Maki says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m envious of your freedom and wild spirit, and I’m planning on heading back that way, myself, after the last few tumultuous years. Be well, breathe deep, enjoy those Northern lights from your home, and I’m so glad you’ve become a part of our lives.


  2. Love your post…and yes, it’s hard to start over. I think about that when I retire and move back to the midwest, it will be starting over and the older you are the harder it probably is. But after a while, you make new friends, get involved in new activities, and life rebounds again. You both have done an amazing job since first driving up that driveway and what I saw when I got there during week one!!! Circular Lodgic will continue to thrive and I’m looking forward to my next visit…maybe without snow on the ground!


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