pots falling from the sky, improved hippie laundry, & cold, cold days

Switching propane tanks

Switching propane tanks

The homestead getup

The homestead getup

Snuggles in the 76 degree yurt (see, I told you not to worry).

Snuggles in the 76 degree yurt (see, I told you not to worry).

No school! Cold day temps (w/o windchill which is -35) Top is outside and bottom is inside this morning.

No school! Cold day temps (w/o windchill which is -35) Top is outside and bottom is inside this morning.





Updates from the homestead:

Currently Bryan is bent over a very important test, sweating away over some complicated math problems. He has to pass this test, THE QUALIFYING TEST, but he has three more tries if he isn’t successful this time. I’m confident he will, but he has been stressing about it for nearly a month now. The rest of it he will take on Thursday.

To start testing day out right, he woke up, opened the door to the a-frame (in the dark) to be welcomed by the shelf above the door, laden with 5 potted plants, careening down on top of his head. That’s one way to start a day. The shelf was held up by the tongue and groove and the panel right above the door has been shrinking and expanding, so some days the doors scrapes against it. Evidently it shifted a lot last night because by opening the door, Bryan pulled the panel below the shelf clear off the wall, bringing with it all the potted plants. I’m a bit obsessed with my potted plants, so Bryan came in shamefaced to confess what he had done. Obviously this was not his fault, so I got out of bed on my 5th snow day thus far to help him clean it up.

It was a good excuse to get some new pots and soil, and repot some things. I did lose some beautiful pots I really loved, but poor Bryan’s head broke their fall.

In other news, it is freaking cold here, but not cold enough that I won’t ski. On my days off I baked cookies, coated pretzels with almond bark, skied, read a lot, including Jennifer Armstrong’s young adult book on Sir Ernest Shakleton, did laundry with our new washing machine (see above), and went to school and adjusted my lesson plans.

As I mentioned above, we invested in a washing machine contraption called the Wonder Wash. It’s a step up from the homemade plunger + 5 gallon bucket we used in Santa Fe and it does the trick really well. However, wringing out and finding places to hang laundry in our current establishment is rough, so I had to go to the laundromat yesterday anyway. In the summer, or whenever if we invest in a wringer like my great-grandmother used, it will work really well.

That’s about it from these parts. It’s back to work tomorrow (geez, I hope so anyway), but we’ll keep you posted on what’s what around Circular Lodgic.

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