a first week down and our latest gas fiasco

So as you know, last time I posted I was anxiously awaiting the start to my new job teaching middle school English. We were also still waiting for gas delivery. Here are the updates:

After two snow days (for cold weather) on Monday and Tuesday, I finally got to get my first day over with. My first week went well. Most of the kids welcomed me kindly, despite having ADORED their former teacher. Some kids went out of their way to come in and tell me “You’re really going to like it here,” or told other teachers, in a tone of shock, “I REALLY like her!”

I’ve also heard a bit of grumbling about how their former teacher was better, etc. but that is to be expected. I started my introduction to them by honoring their feelings about losing their teacher and that I’m not here to fill his shoes, just to be me and teach them English. I think that helped. Overall, I’ve laughed a lot this week and am having fun getting to know the kids. It has been a long time since I didn’t know most of my kids’ names right away, what with having done the yearbook at EHS, so that’s been hard, but I’m getting there!

I’m in charge of the middle school newspaper, and three kids included me in their articles. Here is a picture of two of them. The first is from a column one kids writes about naughty teachers and their punishments. The second is an advice column. Pretty cute, eh? It was my idea to include a picture and play along.



As for the homestead, we waited and waited and waited for the gas. Wednesday, with 2% left, they finally confirmed they would come Thursday. They were going to drive their 4wd setup truck (so it is not the one that holds the gas they refill with) and install three 100 gallon tanks so that we can just bring them to their place to fill them. Then Thursday came, Bryan sat here all day, and they never showed.

I woke up Friday morning, went into the a-frame and the fridge was out, the furnace was out, the stove barely turned on and didn’t have enough gas to boil water for coffee. I had no way to shower for school unless I wanted to take a shower with 40 degree water.

Suffice it to say, there were curse words. I told Bryan he better call them and tell them what I thought about my morning. When he called at 6:30, the guy had forgotten. Honestly. Don’t be a Ferrell Gas customer. It’s ridiculous. They said they’d be here by 7a.m.

So I got ready sans shower and in a freezing cabin and started the truck. Just as I walked out the door to leave for work, the gas guy arrived and got his truck stuck in the driveway. In the flat part of the driveway, not the sketchy part. For real.

And he was mad at us. Yelling and whatnot. AND I was trapped by him and had no way to get to work because my truck was on the inside of where he was stuck.

Since I know almost no one at school, I called the one other teacher whose number I have. She had just told a story about how hard it is to get her family out the door in the morning, so I knew adding picking me up would probably make things worse. She didn’t answer so I called the sub coordinator my first week of working, saying I might be late to first hour until I could get out of my driveway. The only other person whose number I have is my principal and I didn’t really want to call her for a ride…

But Bryan tried our incredibly kind and generous friend Tim and he got out of bed, picked me up, and drove me twenty minutes out of his way to drop me off at work. I felt sooooo bad, but he was so nice about it.

Needless to say, it was a rough morning, but it sure was nice to be able to turn the heat up to normal temperatures last night. :-)

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