warm fires, decadent food, and family

We spent Christmas week at a cottage on Lake Superior with my mom, her hubby John, and my grandma. No one wanted to leave because we spent the week waking up to spectacular sunrises, skiing everyday, and eating lobster, sugar cookies, and tiramisu. Life is pretty good.

We skied all over the place: from out the back door at the cottage to the Tech trails, to over at Swedetown. John was just learning and did awesome, shredding down some hills like a champ. The pups all got lots of exercise and we had a blast.

We had a lovely Christmas, putting together a puzzle, eating delicious roast beef and John’s famous tiramisu. We had a lovely meal at the Michigan House in Calumet, and tried to get pasties at Roy’s Bakery, but they were fresh out! I guess they’ll have to come back to get this UP specialty! We spent Christmas eve watching Bryan’s favorite, The Big Lebowski, and even Grandma laughed, despite HATING the f-word which is said aplenty by the Dude and his companions. Now that’s a Christmas movie. We listened to hours and hours of Christmas music, and we sang a lot too. Overall, it was a Christmas week to remember.















3 generations

I wish the family could have stayed forever. None of us were ready to leave the big lake or each other.


2 thoughts on “warm fires, decadent food, and family

  1. Deb Mann says:

    We feel the same way…wish we could have stayed forever. But soon we’ll be moving out your way forever and we can play and ski as much as we want!!!

    It was a wonderful Christmas week, thank you for showing us a great time!
    Mom, John and gramma


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