before a Christmas hiatus, employment news

Happy holidays, everyone!

I’ve been away from the blog as of late. We’ve had some big news around here and then we spent Christmas week with my family on the shores of Lake Superior. In fact, I’m sitting on the couch looking out at the lake as I write, the house emptied of the family. Now it’s just quiet and lonely.

To backtrack a bit: Since I last wrote, we rearranged the a-frame, hooking the ladder to the loft to a pulley so that we can raise it out of the way. This allowed us to move the kitchen table away from the drafty door and to a spot which allows for better seating at it. We also moved the piping that kept freezing in the back wall to the inside of the wall. Now we’re golden as far as that goes. We’ve still fought the freezing lines as we actually pump water from the creek, but that’s just the way it is.

DSC_0158 DSC_0159

DSC_0162Bryan also did a major yurt roof clearing operation, including breaking off the huge icicles clinging to the sides of the yurt.





While we were in Mankato, I got a text from the sub coordinator at one of the local schools explaining that the 7th grade English teacher was moving to Marquette after winter break. I couldn’t believe it! What are the chances of someone leaving an English position not at the end of the semester, but just before it?

Long story short, I applied, interviewed, and found out a few days later that I got the job. Starting January 6th, I will be teaching English again full-time, and teaching 7th graders no less. I LOVE teaching 7th grade English, so while I am extremely overwhelmed right now, I am thrilled as well and feel very blessed. So, a day after I found out I got the job, I went to school the last two days before winter break, met the kids, and started planning. I’ll also be teaching one section of 8th grade English and a journalism elective. The kids were sweet, however, they absolutely adore their former teacher, so the transition might be tough, but I think we’ll have a good year. I still want to return to EHS because I’ll always be an Eskomo, but I’m so so glad to be teaching again and it sure will take a big burden off us to have one person working full-time!

So now it is planning time. I also don’t have any of my teacher stuff here (it’s all in the attic at home), so I don’t have any posters, materials, books, etc. for my classroom. I’ve got to figure something out this week so that the kids don’t come back to blank walls!





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