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I now live in a town where it is totally normal to strap on ski goggles to walk to campus or around town. For realz. At first I thought they must work at Mont Ripley and just got off for the night. Today it finally dawned on me: this is a necessity for walking down the street. Trust me, today I walked from the hardware store to a gift store and could not see anything. Then after spotting no less than a dozen Tech students cruising around this way, it finally hit me that this is really just the status quo up in here.

photo props to

photo props to

Also, it never stop snowing here. Honestly, every weather forecast since early last week has said at least 2-4 if not 3-5 or 4-6 inches of snow. It just keep rolling down. It is beautiful and I still get a little giddy every time I hear it, but Bryan has started groaning. Looks like it’s going to be a loooooooong winter! :-)

In other news, on the second try last night, we were able to pump water. Today, no such luck.

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